Order the following dressings from least absorptive to most absorptive.

Question : Order the following dressings from least absorptive to most absorptive. : 2139496

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Order the following dressings from least absorptive to most absorptive.

A) Hydrogel, alginate, semipermeable foam.

B) Alginate, hydrogel, semipermeable film.

C) Hydrocolloid, semipermeable film, alginate.

D) Semipermeable film, semipermeable foam, alginate.

2) All of the following statements are true about maceration EXCEPT:

A) Maceration does not increase the risk of infection.

B) Macerated skin is more permeable than regular skin.

C) Macerated skin is more friable than intact skin.

D) Incontinence or excessive perspiration may result in maceration.

3) An occlusive dressing is:

A) impermeable to bacteria but not to water or vapor.

B) impermeable to water, vapor, and bacteria.

C) impermeable to urine and bacteria but not to vapor.

D) permeable to urine, vapor, and bacteria.

4) Which of the following best completes the sentence? A secondary dressing ________.

A) is required to maintain a sterile wound bed

B) is also called the contact layer

C) can provide increased absorption and cushioning

D) assists with wound debridement

5) Which of the following best completes the sentence? Moisture-retentive dressings ________.

A) must be occlusive

B) are associated with a lower rate of infection than gauze dressings

C) should be changed daily unless an infection is present

D) all of the above

6) Which of the following dressings is associated with the formation of granulomas?

A) Composite dressings. B) Alginates.

C) Hydrocolloids. D) Gauze.

7) A telfa dressing would be most appropriate for the following wounds:

A) an abdominal wound with significant drainage.

B) a full-thickness pressure ulcer with significant necrotic tissue.

C) a surgical incision that has been closed with staples.

D) a wound with periwound maceration.

8) All of the following are true of impregnated gauzes EXCEPT:

A) Bismuth-impregnated gauzes are cytotoxic to inflammatory cells.

B) Iodine-impregnated gauzes are cytotoxic.

C) Hydrogel-impregnated gauzes are contraindicated for use on wounds with exposed tendons.

D) Bismuth-impregnated gauzes have antimicrobial properties.

9) Which of the following is true regarding hydrogel dressings?

A) Hydrogel dressings should be used with caution on patients with fragile skin because of their adhesive qualities.

B) Hydrogel dressings are available in sheet and amorphous form.

C) Hydrogel dressings not only donate moisture to a wound but can also absorb some wound drainage.

D) B and C.

10) Which of the following best completes the sentence? Semipermeable foam dressings ________.

A) provide thermal insulation

B) allow for easy wound bed visualization while in place

C) are ideal for use in high friction areas

D) are indicated for use on dry or eschar-covered wounds

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