One investigator states that catching people who defraud Medicaid is like catching

Question : One investigator states that catching people who defraud Medicaid is like catching : 2139100

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

21) One investigator states that catching people who defraud Medicaid is like catching fish that jump into the boat. Why would he say this?

A) Only the stupid and reckless get caught.

B) Only those who treat the most patients get caught.

C) Only those who make the most money get caught.

D) Only repeat offenders get caught.

22) The case of Dr. Jose Manaya was described as shocking by the judge who sentenced him. Dr. Manaya had performed unnecessary ________ on patients.

A) dialysis B) gallbladder surgery

C) cataract surgery D) appendectomies

23) Physicians are not the only ones involved in Medicaid fraud. Investigators have recently been looking into services offered by:

A) massage therapists. B) physical therapists.

C) pediatric dentists. D) chiropractors.

24) Dr. Olga Romani was involved in all of the following except:

A) the murder of her partner.

B) refusing to treat a patient for diaper rash.

C) the disfiguring of an acne patient.

D) billing for 165 visits for a patient she had never seen.

25) Psychiatrists represent what percentage of all doctors?

A) 15 B) 20 C) 2 D) 8

26) Psychiatrists represent what percentage of all doctors suspended from Medicaid for fraudulent practices?

A) 25 B) 30 C) 10 D) 20

27) Doctors at a clinic at the University of California-Irvine abused fertility patients in all of the following ways except:

A) using unapproved fertility drugs.

B) stealing eggs and using them on other patients.

C) performing research on patients without their consent.

D) terminating pregnancies without patient consent.

28) Which of the following activities could constitute research fraud?

A) Taking grant money for questionable biological research

B) Using animals to test harmful drugs

C) Not reporting findings

D) Adjusting findings to support grant applications

29) Some argue that nursing home abuse occurs for all of the following reasons except:

A) low pay for workers.

B) unreasonable expectations of family members.

C) the vulnerability of its patients.

D) institutions are run for profit.

30) Some of the worst nursing home stories have been reported in:

A) Florida. B) Texas.

C) North Carolina. D) California.

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