Oliver North became a

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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

21) Oliver North became a:

A) host of a nationally syndicated daily radio program.

B) host of Good Morning America.

C) newscaster.

D) public hero.

22) The Nixon administration and CREEP were involved in all of the following except:

A) illegal campaign contributions.

B) rewarding corporate friends with legislative action.

C) use of funds to facilitate the China trade proposal.

D) payments of personal expenses.

23) The acronym CREEP stands for:

A) Candidate RE-Election Project.

B) Corruption Reward Exploitation.

C) Communist Rejection Executive Expulsion Project.

D) Committee to RE-Elect the President.

24) Nixon and his cohorts engaged in all of the following except:

A) leaking false stories to the press.

B) forging letters from prominent Democrats.

C) threatening candidates' family members.

D) hiring people to disrupt the National Democratic Convention.

25) What happened to President Nixon?

A) Retired in luxury

B) Died in office

C) Tried and convicted of impeachment charges by the Senate

D) Sentenced to probation

26) Nixon's imperious assault on the Constitution caused a crisis of:

A) legitimacy.

B) order.

C) conscience.

D) power.

27) President ________ may have criminal charges filed against him to include, but are not limited to, lying to investigators, filing false documents, money laundering, conspiracy, and covering up and colluding with a foreign government.

A) Eisenhower

B) Franklin Roosevelt

C) Trump

D) Truman

28) President ________ ordered J. Edgar Hoover to conduct surveillance programs against American citizens.

A) Franklin Roosevelt

B) Eisenhower

C) Trump

D) Truman

29) FBI surveillance targets included all of the following except:

A) Helen Keller.

B) Justice Felix Frankfurter.

C) Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

D) Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

30) Of all the federal government agencies, which one keeps the most data on Americans?

A) Homeland Security




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