Of the following, the best example of a corporate crime would be

Question : Of the following, the best example of a corporate crime would be : 2139124

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

21) Of the following, the best example of a corporate crime would be:

A) embezzlement.

B) savings and loan fraud.

C) hot checks.

D) theft from and ATM.

22) Comparative leniency extended to white-collar criminals, in contrast to street criminals, can be explained by all of the following except:

A) victims are either the government or large groups of individuals.

B) victims' lives are not affected.

C) education and occupational prestige.

D) difference in resources.

23) James Olis, a former director of Dynegy, turned down a plea bargain. Because of the new sentencing guidelines for white-collar criminals, the end result of his criminal case was that:

A) he received a much longer sentence.

B) he received a much lighter sentence.

C) the guidelines had no effect.

D) the validity of the guidelines was questioned.

24) Wealth maximization theorists argue that white-collar criminals suffer collateral consequences that street criminals do not. Which one of the following consequences do white-collar criminals actually suffer?

A) None

B) Difficulty in securing jobs

C) Loss of wealth

D) Social stigmatization

25) The General Accounting Office has estimated that nearly ________% of the $1 trillion spent by Americans on health care is lost to fraud and abuse.

A) 10

B) 5

C) 20

D) 1

26) Losses attributable to white-collar crime are passed along to taxpayers and customers. This results in what segment of society paying the cost of white-collar crime?

A) Corporations

B) The poor

C) The wealthy

D) The middle class

27) The shift of white-collar crime losses from the rich to others result in what kind of tax?

A) Progressive

B) Flat

C) Regressive

D) Graduated

28) Diffusion accountability is a common byproduct of fiscal irresponsibility. This results in higher interest rates and higher prices for goods and services–consumers pay more. The burden falls disproportionately on:

A) the poor.

B) the middle class.

C) the upper class.

D) nobody; it is evenly distributed.

29) The Republican 1994 Contract with America may have unintended consequences favorable to the commission of white-collar crime. The contract provisions favorable to white-collar crime included all of the following except:

A) costly regulations involving the environment, consumer safety, and worker safety to be eliminated.

B) lawsuit awards for securities fraud being easier to collect.

C) legislation proposed to downgrade Securities and Exchange watchdog function.

D) capping of product liability rewards.

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

30) Conventional theories of crime have a tautological quality to them. Criminality is defined using the same terms as are used for causal factors. The term circular may be substituted for tautological.

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