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Question : Multiple Choice Questions 171.Entrepreneurship is:A. managing businesses for others.B. a controlling interest in


Multiple Choice Questions

171.Entrepreneurship is:
A. managing businesses for others.
B. a controlling interest in the ownership of a corporation.
C. managing businesses that operate in multiple countries.
D. accepting the risk of starting and running a business.

172.Which of the following U.S. issues does entrepreneurship most directly affect?
A. The political process
B. The ability to create jobs for others
C. Contributions of money to organizations that help people in need
D. The ability to influence national macroeconomics polices

173.Which of the following explains why individuals accept the risks of business ownership?
A. The potential for learning how to be self-disciplined
B. The sense of self-satisfaction and independence
C. The challenge of seeking power
D. The desire to work fewer hours

174.Which of the following is a characteristic of successful entrepreneurs?
A. Power-seeking
B. Relies heavily on others who believe in the business
C. Willingness and desire to follow others
D. Action-oriented

175.Which of the following best describes entrepreneurial personality traits?
A. Tolerant of uncertainty and highly energetic.
B. Risk averse and self-nurturing.
C. Appreciate direction from others and risk averse.
D. Prefer to work less hours and prefer to give directions and let others do the foot work.

176.A(n) ________________ is a group of experienced professionals from different areas of business who join together to develop, make, and market a new product.
A. entrepreneurial team
B. joint venture
C. self-directed functional team
D. managerial task force

177.An entrepreneurial team consists of:
A. managers with similar skills, abilities, and interests.
B. experienced professionals from different areas of business.
C. a group of wealthy investors who share a vision for a product.
D. representatives from management, labor, and the government who work together to solve a company's problems in a creative way.

178.Business owners who prefer to maintain their businesses at a manageable size are called:
A. macropreneurs
B. intrapreneurs
C. micropreneurs
D. home workers

179.One of the challenges of running a home-based business is:
A. an increase in business risk.
B. managing the extra time on your hands.
C. keeping work and family tasks separate.
D. burdensome tax laws.

180.A successful web-based strategy that helps a business spread the word about its web site and products is called ______________.
A. wildfire marketing
B. "its all about the buzz"
C. social marketing
D. affiliate marketing



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