Multiple Choice Questions 1. William James described the human mind as

Question : Multiple Choice Questions 1. William James described the human mind as : 1411882


Multiple Choice Questions


1. William James described the human mind as a:

A. state of heightened awareness.

B. subconscious machine.

C. stream of consciousness.

D. metacognitive processor.

2. The process by which individuals think about thinking is referred to as:

A. metacognition.

B. a stream of consciousness.

C. an altered state of awareness.

D. groupthink.

3. Which of the following terms refer to the physiological state of being engaged with the environment?

A. Arousal

B. Awareness

C. Intuition

D. Insight

4. _____ includes knowing about oneself and thoughts about one’s experiences.

A. Transcendence

B. Awareness

C. Intuition

D. Arousal

5. An individual’s awareness of external events and internal sensations under a condition of arousal is called:

A. perception.

B. metacognition.

C. consciousness.

D. reinforcement.

6. Britney is aware of the thoughts running through her mind and the emotions triggered by some of those thoughts. She is also aware of the sounds she hears, the things she sees in her room and outside the window, the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen, and the smell of freshly cut grass coming through the window. She would be considered to be in a state of:

A. consciousness.

B. transcendence.

C. obstructionism.

D. hyperkinesis.

7. The concept of “theory of mind” is best described as:

A. an altered state of consciousness or a psychological state of altered attention and expectation in which the individual is unusually receptive to suggestions.

B. an understanding that everyone thinks, feels, perceives, and has private experiences.

C. one’s misinterpretation of subconscious thoughts.

D. the principle that governs controlled processing.

8. Three-year-old Missy and her four-year-old brother Bob are watching a movie. In the movie, a “monster” sneaks into the closet while a little boy is sleeping. While Missy says nothing, Bob begins to shout at the screen telling the little boy not to open the closet door. Their different reactions reflect:

A. the social learning theory.

B. the theory of mind.

C. problems with perception.

D. insight discrepancies.

9. Which of the following represents the most alert states of human consciousness?

A. Controlled processes

B. Automatic processes

C. Altered states of consciousness

D. Subconscious states of awareness

10. Controlled processes:

A. require divided attention.

B. include concentrating on a specific aspect of experience while also paying attention to others.

C. are faster than automatic processes and are less likely to involve the prefrontal cortex.

D. involve individuals actively focusing their efforts toward a goal.




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