Multiple Choice Questions 1. Which of the following true of the factors

Question : Multiple Choice Questions 1. Which of the following true of the factors : 1385829


Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is true of the factors that initially attract two people to each other? 

A. Chances are that one becomes bored of those who lived geographically closest to him or her.

B. The less similar others are, the more we like them.

C. Repeated exposure to a person is often not sufficient to produce attraction.

D. Proximity leads to liking.

2. The reciprocity-of-liking effect means that we like: 

A. people we've seen repeatedly.

B. people who live nearby.

C. people similar to ourselves.

D. people who like us.

3. _____ involves a state of intense absorption in someone that includes intense physiological arousal, psychological interest, and caring for the needs of another. 

A. Companionate love

B. Affectionate love

C. Passionate love

D. Cathartic love

4. "But are you in love?" Lynette asks her friend. Lynette is trying to determine whether her friend is experiencing _____ love. 

A. companionate

B. passionate

C. physical

D. cathartic

5. The love we feel for family members and close friends is termed _____ love. 

A. committed

B. compassionate

C. companionate

D. consummate

6. Ten year old Joanne expresses her love for her mother every morning before she leaves to school. This is an example of _____ love. 

A. romantic

B. passionate

C. consummate

D. companionate

7. Consider the distinction many researchers make between passionate and companionate love. How do the two types of love differ? 

A. Passionate love does not involve feelings of closeness and connectedness; companionate love does.

B. Passionate love does not involve commitment; companionate love does.

C. Companionate love does not involve feelings of closeness and connectedness; passionate love does.

D. Companionate love does not involve physical intimacy; passionate love does.

8. According to Sternberg, the _____ component of love involves initial thoughts that one loves someone and the longer-term feelings of commitment to maintain love. 

A. intimacy

B. passion

C. decision

D. closeness

9. According to Sternberg, the _____ component of love includes feelings of closeness and connectedness. 

A. intimacy

B. passion

C. decision

D. commitment

10. According to Sternberg, the _____ component of love includes the motivational drives relating to sex, physical closeness, and romance. 

A. intimacy

B. passion

C. decision

D. closeness



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