MULTIPLE CHOICE.  Choose the one alternative that best completes the

Question : MULTIPLE CHOICE.  Choose the one alternative that best completes the : 1404308


MULTIPLE CHOICE.  Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Once employees have been recruited and selected, the next step would be:

1) _______

A) rules and procedures.

B) interviews by coworkers.

C) affirmative action and equal access to a job.

D) discipline and counselling.

E) orientation and training.


2) You have been hired as the new Executive Director of a child and family services agency and are considering implementing an employee orientation program at this organization. The benefits that this new program will likely bring to the organization include:

2) _______

A) making employees more productive more quickly.

B) affirmative action.

C) making employees more productive more quickly and establishing a foundation for ongoing performance management.

D) promoting workforce diversity.

E) legal compliance.


3) Recent research indicates that implementing a comprehensive onboarding program in a corporation carries the following additional direct benefit:

3) _______

A) improving management's leadership ability.

B) increasing customer loyalty.

C) increasing work-life balance for employees.

D) improving employee perceptions of management's leadership abilities and reducing employee turnover.

E) improving employee perceptions of management's leadership abilities.


4) The on-going process of instilling in all employees the prevailing attitudes, standards, values, and patterns of behaviour that are expected by the organization and its departments is:

4) _______

A) job evaluation.

B) socialization.

C) culture.

D) performance appraisal.

E) affirmative action.


5) The state which results from the discrepancy between what the new employee expected from his or her new job and the realities of it is:

5) _______

A) socialization.

B) reality shock.

C) mentoring.

D) job instruction training.

E) affirmative action.


6) Effective means to connect the firm to employees who have been hired but have not yet started in the workplace include:

6) _______

A) performance management.

B) communications through newsletters and invitations to meet with mentors.

C) voicemail training.

D) no means are recommended.

E) invitations to meet with mentors.


7) You have just been hired as the Director of Human Resources at a sportswear retailer. The employee handbook states that "all employees will have the benefits listed in the handbook for as long as they are employed with the company." In revising the contents of the employee handbook it is an important component of your role to be aware of the following;

7) _______

A) courts have found certain terms in employee handbooks to constitute terms of the employment contract. The company is at legal risk if it decides to alter the benefits package in the future.

B) in employee dismissal situations courts rarely review handbooks.

C) it is a best practice to keep benefits static over time.

D) it should not be a job requirement that employees review the handbook.

E) employee handbooks should not form part of the orientation process.


8) A new employee's supervisor orients the employee by:

8) _______

A) explaining the retirement plan.

B) taking the entire work group out to lunch.

C) explaining the exact nature of the job.

D) conducting an appraisal session.

E) conducting an exit interview.


9) Targus, an engineering consulting company based in Vancouver, Canada, has opened new offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. Targus wishes to hire Asian-born staff for these new offices and would also like to increase the percentage of aboriginal persons it hires as engineering consultants in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Given this shift in hiring practices, designing the orientation program for the company will present the following challenge:

9) _______

A) there is no challenge.

B) hiring a diverse workforce creates a new corporate culture.

C) the main leaning style of new employees will be auditory.

D) the challenge of union vs non-union employees.

E) orienting employees from a different background poses a special challenge. The values of the organization may be new to them.


10) The following may be problems with an orientation program EXCEPT:

10) ______

A) The immediate supervisor provides a few details at a time.

B) Too much information is provided in a short time.

C) Orientation provided by the HR department is too broad to be meaningful.

D) New employees are inundated with forms to fill out.

E) Little or no orientation is provided.



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