Multiple Choice 31._____ includes the processes required to ensure that a

Question : Multiple Choice 31._____ includes the processes required to ensure that a : 1525104


Multiple Choice

31._____ includes the processes required to ensure that a project team completes a project within an approved budget.

a.Project scope managementb.Project quality management

c.Project time managementd.Project cost management

32.Which of the following involves developing an approximation of the costs of resources needed to complete a project?

a.Determining the budgetb.Finalising the cost baseline

c.Controlling costsd.Estimating costs

33._____ involves allocating the overall cost estimate to individual work items to establish a baseline for measuring performance.

a.Determining the budgetb.Finalising policies for project costs

c.Controlling costsd.Estimating costs

34.One of the main outputs of the _____ process is a cost baseline.

a.cost controllingb.cost estimating

c.cost budgetingd.cost planning

35.The process of controlling costs primarily involves:

a.determining the policies for project costs.b.managing changes to the project budget.

c.finalising the procedures for project costs.d.determining a basis for estimates.

36.Work performance information and cost forecasts are main outputs of the _____ process.

a.cost budgetingb.cost estimating

c.cost controld.cost pricing

37.Profits may be defined as:

a.expenses plus net income.b.costs plus revenues.

c.revenues plus expenses.d.revenues minus expenditures.

38._____ helps develop an accurate projection of a project’s financial expenses and benefits.

a.Critical path analysisb.Fast tracking

c.Life cycle costingd.Crashing

39._____ is a method for determining the estimated annual costs and benefits for a project.

a.Critical path analysisb.Cash flow analysis

c.Present value analysisd.Requirements analysis

40.Which of the following is true of tangible costs?

a.They cannot be calculated in monetary terms.

b.They can be easily measured.

c.They are difficult to quantify.

d.Their examples include goodwill and prestige.


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