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Question : MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.Which statement not correct? The audit trail in a


1.Which statement is not correct? The audit trail in a computerized environment

a.consists of records that are stored sequentially in an audit file

b.traces transactions from their source to their final disposition a function of the quality and integrity of the application programs

d.may take the form of pointers, indexes, and embedded keys

2.Which control is not associated with new systems development activities?

a.reconciling program version numbers

b.program testing

c.user involvement

d.internal audit participation

3.Routine maintenance activities require all of the following controls except

a.documentation updates


c.formal authorization

d.internal audit approval

4.Which statement is correct?

a.compiled programs are very susceptible to unauthorized modification

b.the source program library stores application programs in source code form

c.modifications are made to programs in machine code language

d.the source program library management system increases operating efficiency

5.Which control is not a part of the source program library management system?

a.using passwords to limit access to application programs

b.assigning a test name to all programs undergoing maintenance

c.combining access to the development and maintenance test libraries

d.assigning version numbers to programs to record program modifications

6.Which control ensures that production files cannot be accessed without specific permission?

a.Database Management System

b.Recovery Operations Function

c.Source Program Library Management System

d.Computer Services Function

7.Program testing

a.involves individual modules only, not the full system

b.requires creation of meaningful test data

c.need not be repeated once the system is implemented primarily concerned with usability

8.The correct purchase order number, 123456, was incorrectly recorded as shown in the solutions. All of the following are transcription errors except





9.Which of the following is correct?

a.check digits should be used for all data codes

b.check digits are always placed at the end of a data code

c.check digits do not affect processing efficiency

d.check digits are designed to detect transcription and transposition errors

10.Which statement is not correct? The goal of batch controls is to ensure that during processing

a.transactions are not omitted

b.transactions are not added

c.transactions are free from clerical errors audit trail is created

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