MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.Which of the following statements about the beginnings of

Question : MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.Which of the following statements about the beginnings of : 1418404



1.Which of the following statements about the beginnings of management is true?

a.Job enrichment was developed during the last half of the twentieth century.

b.Management as a field of study is only about 125 years old.

c.Information management appeared with the first computers.

d.The use of management functions would have made the building of the Egyptian pyramids more efficient.

e.All of the above statements about the origin of management are true.

2.How did the Industrial Revolution change jobs and organizations?

a.Managers realized the importance of synergistic tasks.

b.Managers realized the importance of customer relations.

c.Low-paid, unskilled workers running machines began to replace high-paid, skilled artisans.

d.Skilled jobs were performed in homes rather than in factories.

e.Managers learned to use delegation.

3.Prior to the introduction of ____, five workers each given an identical task could use five different methods to perform the task with some methods being significantly more efficient than others.

a.contingency management

b.scientific management

c.bureaucratic management

d.information management

e.systems management

4.____ occurs when workers deliberately slow down their pace or restrict their work outputs.

a.Job loitering





5.Frederick Taylor is famous for____.

a.developing time and motion studies

b.first defining the functions of managers

c.developing the fourteen principles of management

d.creating the principles of scientific management

e.doing all of these

6.Prior to the development of scientific management principles, workers whose work pace was significantly faster than the normal pace in their work group were known as ____ and were often unpopular with their fellow workers.


b.managerial accommodators


d.rate busters

e.halo workers

7.The goal of scientific management is to____.

a.make sure workers did not consider their work boring or repetitive

b.decreased wages for individual workers

c.eliminate conflict between workers and management

d.find the one best way to perform each task

e.find different ways to motivate workers

8.Which of the following is NOT part of the principles of scientific management?

a.Use group dynamics to ensure organizational goals are met.

b.Give employees rest breaks throughout the day.

c.Find the one best way for doing each task.

d.Divide the work and the responsibility equally between management and workers.

e.Scientifically select, train, teach, and develop workers to help them reach their potential.

9.Frank and Lillian Gilbreth are important to management because they ____.

a.used motion studies to eliminate unnecessary or repetitive motions from the work process

b.proved the effectiveness of nonfinancial motivators in convincing workers to strive for organizational goals

c.realized how the principles of sociology applied to worker performance

d.viewed the organization as a system that influenced its environment and that was influenced by its environment

e.identified the four functions managers perform

10.In the past, battlefield surgery was crude and often ineffective. Which of the following management theorists would most likely have used their understanding of how work is done to help surgeons eliminate unnecessary motions, operate more efficiently, and save more lives by closely studying how surgeries were performed?

a.Henri Fayol

b.Chester Barnard

c.Mary Parker Follett

d.Frederick Taylor

e.Frank and Lilian Gilbreth



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