MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.When using agency records in their research, researchers keep

Question : MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.When using agency records in their research, researchers keep : 1774303


1.When using agency records in their research, researchers keep in mind two general maxims: ____.

a."Follow the paper trail" and "expect the expected"

b."Follow the paper trail" but "expect the unexpected"

c."Follow the rules" and "expect the expected"

d."Follow the trail" and "expect the paper"

2.Social artifacts such as written documents or articles from newspapers illustrate which method?

a.content analysis

b.secondary analysis

c.case studies


3.Agency records and statistics published by agencies or governmental entities are most commonly used for which type of studies?





4.Topics that lend themselves to the use of content analysis tend to focus upon the links between communication and ____.

a.criminal justice policy

b.police behavior

c.perceptions of valid research

d.writing skills

5.Nonpublic agency records are often made available to which group?

a.any citizen who expresses written interest

b.criminal justice researchers

c.nonpublic agency records are not generally made available to anyone

d.none of these answers are correct

6.Which method is conducted by the U.S. Bureau of the Census Bureau under contract from the Bureau of Justice Statistics?

a.Court records of Children in Custody

b.Self Report Survey data

c.Survey of Inmates in Local Jails

d.Survey of all Criminal Justice Professors

7.The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics is the most comprehensive Bureau of Justice Statistics publication. It includes a multitude of data including all of the following except _____.

a.characteristics of criminal justice agencies

b.public opinion answers coming from the Gallup Poll

c.complete crime data from all local police departments

d.specific data on states using capital punishment and their execution statistics

8.Which statement is false with regard to the use of published data in aggregate forms?

a.Published data is never used in criminal justice research because it is not readily available.

b.Published data is appropriate for measuring highly aggregated patterns or trends such as drug use over time.

c.Published data can be used for the covariation in two estimates of crime.

d.Published data are easy to obtain.

9.Most government organizations routinely collect and publish compilations of data, which we refer to collectively as:

a.statistical and or graphic data

b.electronic data

c.published statistics

d.crime rates

10.Which of the following is not an example of nonpublic agency records?

a.the FBI’s publication of the Uniform Crime Reports

b.information from a local police department concerning the number of crimes that happened within the past month

c.a prison’s collection of files dealing with inmates currently in their custody

d.a county courthouse’s records on defendants tried within the last six months


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