MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.The systemic circulation a.receives more blood than the pulmonary circulation

Question : MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.The systemic circulation a.receives more blood than the pulmonary circulation : 1417111


1.The systemic circulation

a.receives more blood than the pulmonary circulation does

b.receives blood from the left ventricle

c.is a low pressure system compared to the pulmonary circulation

d.has characteristics a and b

e.has characteristics b and c

2.Which valve(s) prevent(s) regurgitation of blood from a ventricle to an atrium?




d.Both a and b

e.Both b and c

3.Semilunar valves prevent backflow of blood from

a.the ventricles to the atria

b.the atria to the ventricles

c.the ventricles to the arterial trunks

d.the arterial trunks to the ventricles

e.none of the above

4.The wall of the left ventricle is thicker than the wall of the right ventricle, which allows the

a.left ventricle to pump much more blood than the right ventricle

b.right ventricle to hold more blood than the left ventricle

c.left ventricle to pump blood into a higher-resistance, higher-pressure system

d.right ventricle to create higher tension within its walls

e.left ventricle to pump oxygenated blood,

5.Adjacent cardiac muscle cells are joined together end-to-end in the ventricles by

a.intercalated discs


c.Purkinje fibers

d.sinoatrial nodes

e.atrioventricular nodes

6.The primary function of the pericardial sac is to

a.prevent excessive expansion of the heart as it fills with blood

b.secrete a fluid that reduces friction as the heart beats

c.serve as a reservoir for blood to be used during strenuous exercise

d.provide oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle

e.catch and kill any bacteria in the blood flowing through the heart chambers

7.The chordae tendineae

a.keep the AV valves from averting during ventricular systole

b.hold the AV valves open during diastole

c.hold the right and left ventricles together

d.transmit the electrical impulse from the atria to the ventricles

e.contract when the ventricles contract

8.The heart chamber that has the greatest work load is

a.the right ventricle

b.the left ventricle

c.the left atrium

d.the right atrium

e.both atria

9.A lumen that contains blood with a comparatively higher concentration of oxygen is in the

a.right ventricle

b.inferior vena cava

c.pulmonary artery

d.pulmonary vein

e.coronary veins

10.The aortic valve

a.prevents the backflow of blood into the aorta during ventricular diastole

b.prevents the backflow of blood into the left ventricle during ventricular diastole

c.prevents the backflow of blood into the right ventricle during ventricular diastole

d.closes when the first heart sound is heard

e.does not do any of the above




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