MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.The focus talent management has intensified in the last

Question : MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.The focus talent management has intensified in the last : 1405206




1.The focus on talent management has intensified in the last few years due to all of the following factors EXCEPT

a.shortages of skilled workers.

b.increasing global competition for employees.

c.technology enabling the automation of talent management process.

d.the obsolescence of baby boomers’ skills.




2.____ is concerned with the attraction, development and retention of human resources.

a.HR planning

b.Training and development

c.The HR flow process

d.Talent management




3.Which of the following statements is TRUE?

a.Because of the conversion of the U.S. economy from a manufacturing economy to a service-based economy, the need for skilled manufacturing workers will continue to decline.

b.U.S. employers will lose over 10% of their current workforce by 2010 as baby boomers retire.

c.China and Brazil have rapidly growing populations with increasingly high quality education systems. Consequently, these countries will be “exporting” their skilled labor to the U.S. and Europe through outsourcing.

d.The focus of talent management is limited to key executives, high contributors, and high potential employees.




4.Talent management includes all of the following HR activities EXCEPT


b.job design.

c.career planning.

d.performance management.




5.You have been hired by a national accounting firm to lead the firm’s talent management program. In order to evaluate the existing talent management program and how well it is linked to organizational strategy, you would seek data on all the following issues EXCEPT

a.Do the employees feel that the organization’s culture values people as individuals?

b.Does the organization have an effective upward communication system?

c.Have the future staffing needs of the firm been identified?

d.Is there a pool of talented people who are ready to move into new positions as the positions become open?




6.A common problem with talent management information systems is that

a.they are often purchased “off-the-shelf” from vendors and so are not useful for the firm.

b.they mainly provide the same information as an HR planning system so that the extra expense brings little additional benefit.

c.few human resources professionals are qualified to use them effectively.

d.multiple programs are not integrated with each other.




7.As a tool for development needs analysis, performance appraisals are most useful in evaluating

a.leadership style.

b.employee reasoning skills.


d.job knowledge.




8.A good automated talent management system could be expected to answer the question

a.Is the compensation for regional sales managers competitive?

b.How many of the HR staff have their PHR certifications?

c.Has the incidence of discrimination complaints per employee declined over the last 10 years?

d.Which vendor’s proposed training program will be most effective for teaching budgeting skills to newly-promoted line managers?




9.If talent management is effective in a firm

a.the voluntary turnover among the high potential employees will be essentially zero.

b.the quantity and quality of the HR talent pool will be the deepest in the industry.

c.the cost of labor in the firm will be the lowest of its direct competitors.

d.the firm will have the right people with the right talents available at the right time in the right places.




10.In comparison to people who graduated from college twenty years ago, current college graduate entering the job market can expect all of the following EXCEPT

a.less job security.

b.fewer job opportunities.

c.a higher likelihood of being a freelancer.

d.more frequent job changes.





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