MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.Dee used to think that everyone else liked the

Question : MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.Dee used to think that everyone else liked the : 1408673


1.Dee used to think that everyone else liked the same people she did and hated the same people she did. She now realizes that different people have different opinions toward others. Piaget would suggest that Dee has recently become a ____ thinker.

a.preoperationalc.concrete operational

b.formal operationald.sensorimotor

2.Tara is a normally-developing eight-year-old. According to Piaget, over the next few years, Tara’s egocentrism will likely

a.disappear.c.increase gradually.

b.wane gradually.d.increase significantly.

3.Though Mabel is unable to think in abstract terms, she is beginning to understand that because 3 + 5 = 8, 8 – 5 must equal 3. Mabel has begun to exhibit Piaget’s ____ stage of thinking.


b.concrete operationald.formal operational

4.As a Piagetian, Faye would believe that a concrete operational child’s ability to reverse thought is due to their acquisition of


b.mental operations.d.convergent thinking.

5.Larry notices that his son Tate is having a great time playing near the kitchen sink. When Larry asks Tate what he is doing, Tate responds, “It is fun to look at two different-size glasses, imagine water pouring back and forth between them, and knowing that the amount of water stays the same even though the glass shapes differ.” Piaget would describe Tate’s comments as indicating that he has acquired


b.egocentrism.d.a mental operation.

6.The main limitation of concrete operational thinking is that such thought is limited to

a.hypothetical situations.

b.tangible, real-life examples.

c.emotional issues.

d.long-term memories.

7..Which reflects a basic ability available only to a formal operational thinker?

a.“Realistically speaking ...”

b.“Hypothetically speaking ...”

c.“Speaking from experience, I ...”

d.“Speaking on behalf of others, I ...”

8.A formal operational thinker and a concrete operational thinker are both presented with three beakers containing red liquid and are told that some combination of the liquids will produce a green liquid. How would the manner in which the formal thinker solves the problem most likely differ from that of the concrete thinker?

a.Formal thinkers would do the problem entirely in their head and not actually pour any liquid.

b.The formal thinkers’ approach would be significantly more haphazard.

c.Formal thinkers would apply both animism and centration when solving the task.

d.Formal thinkers would be more systematic when combining the liquids and eliminating combinations.

9.Angelica and her younger brother Houston are both given three fountain pens, each containing clear ink, and are informed that some combination of ink will yield a color. Because Angelica is a formal operational thinker and Houston is a concrete operational thinker, how will their behavior likely differ?

a.Angelica will spend more time thinking about the task and be more systematic when attempting to solve it.

b.Angelica will use a piece of paper to draw out the problem.

c.Houston will only use two of the pens.

d.Houston will watch how Angelica solves the problem and then repeat her steps.

10.Who is most likely the formal operational thinker?

a.Kula, who thinks nickels are worth more than dimes because they are bigger

b.Fran, who has just mastered conservation

c.Ollie, who is capable of using and understanding symbols

d.Sherri, who can use combinatorial reasoning


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