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Question : MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.As discussed in the text, the functions of the


1.As discussed in the text, the functions of the B/AR/CR process: identical to those of the order entry/sales process

b.supports the problem-solving processes of marketing managers

c.collects amounts due from customers unrelated to the functions of the order entry/sales process

2.According to the concept of segregation of duties, which of the following managers should report to the controller rather than to the treasurer? department manager

b.accounts receivable department manager

c.Cashier manager

3.In an organization in which the OE/S and B/AR/CR processes are separate processes, the B/AR/CR process usually accomplishes all of the following activities except:

a.picking goods in the warehouse

b.billing customers

c.managing customer accounts

d.securing payment of customer accounts

4.Which of the following pairs of functions would you expect might report directly to the vice president of finance? department and controller

b.shipping department and controller

c.accounts receivable department and treasurer

d.treasurer and controller

5.Which of the following statements regarding Check 21 is false?

a.It allows banks to exchange checks electronically.

b.Before this system, paper checks were flown around the country from bank-to-bank.

c.It does not require banks to be able to accept substitute checks.

d.It significantly reduced float.

6.Which of the following process bubbles (i.e., activities) would you not expect to see in the logical DFD for a B/AR/CR process?

a.perform billing

b.requisition inventory

c.receive customer payment

d.manage customer accounts

7.Which of the following normally would trigger the billing process in a B/AR/CR process?

a.a copy of the sales order

b.a shipping notice

c.a picking ticket

d.a customer acknowledgment

8.Which of the following normally would trigger the B/AR/CR process to record a customer payment?


b.remittance advice

c.deposit slip

d.a notification to the general ledger to record a cash receipts update

9.The principal master data that you would expect to see in a B/AR/CR process is the:

a.sales order

b.shipping notifications

c.sales journal

d.accounts receivable

10.In a B/AR/CR process, which of the following data stores is least likely to interact with a process called "perform billing"?

a.vendor master data

b.customer master data

c.accounts receivable master data

d.sales event data

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