Multiple Choice 16. When a company puts its commitment to

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Multiple Choice

16. When a company puts its commitment to social and environmental responsibility into practice worldwide, not only locally or regionally it is called:

A. Corporate Social Responsibility.

B. Global Sustainability.

C. Global Corporate Citizenship.

D. Community Investing.

17. According to a survey conducted by The Economist in 2008, how many respondents say corporate citizenship can help increase their companies’ profits?

A. 11%.

B. 25%.

C. 74%.

C. 91%.

18. Good corporate citizens:

A.  Strive to conduct all business dealings in an ethical manner.

B.  Make a concerned effort to balance the needs of all stakeholders.

C. Work to protect the environment.

D.  All of the above.

19. Global corporate citizenship is more than espoused values, it requires:

A. Action.

B. Bankruptcy.

C. Expression.

D. Enhancement.

20. Some companies have created a department of corporate citizenship to:

A. Adopt the United Nations’ Global Compact Principles.

B. Decentralize under common leadership wide-ranging corporate citizenship functions.

C. Centralize under common leadership wide-ranging corporate citizenship functions.

D. Narrow the job of the public relations office.

21. BSR (formerly Business for Social Responsibility) helps its 300 member companies:

A. Lobby Congress for socially responsible legislation.

B. Discover tax shelters for social program expenditures.

C. Conduct social audits.

D. Develop sustainable business strategies.

22. Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility gives awards for excellence in:

A. Environmental management.

B. Education.

C. Poverty alleviation.

D. All of the above.

23. This inter-American organization (North and South America) was created to unite organizations focusing on corporate social responsibility from Canada to Chile.

A. Business for Social Responsibility.

B, Canadian Business for Social Responsibility.

C. Forum Empresa.

D. Fundacion Empresa y Sociedad.

24. According to Philip H. Mirvis’ and Bradley K. Googins’ model, how many stages are there of global corporate citizenship?

A.  Three.

B.  Five.

C.  Seven.

D.  Twelve.

25. Once a company enters the innovative stage of corporate citizenship, it will:

A. Begin reporting its efforts to stakeholders.

B. Step up its philanthropic giving.

C. Increase the number of stakeholders to the firm.

D. Build more coherent initiatives with stakeholders.

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