Multiple Choice 16. Managers’ understanding of government regulations is: A. Both a

Question : Multiple Choice 16. Managers’ understanding of government regulations is: A. Both a : 1800966

Multiple Choice

16. Managers’ understanding of government regulations is:

A. Both a domestic and international issue.

B. Primarily a domestic issue.

C. Primarily an international issue.

D. An international issue only for large firms.

17. Which car company did not seek bailout loans from the U.S. government following the 2009 worldwide economic recession?

A. Toyota.

B. General Motors.

C. Chrysler.

D. Ford.

18. Government’s role is to create and enforce laws that:

A. Control businesses’ actions in society.

B. Protect businesses’ interest in society.

C. Protect society from business.

D. Balance the relationship between business and society.

19. Governments hold the power to:

A. Grant permission for only specific business activity.

B. Grant or refuse permission for many types of business activity.

C. Refuse permission for only government funded activity.

D. None of the above.

20. Around the world, government:

A. Tends to cooperate with business.

B. Tends to be in conflict with business.

C. Sometimes cooperates and sometimes is in conflict with business.

D. Tends to be controlled by business.

21. Cooperation between business and government often occurs when:

A. They encounter a common problem or enemy.

B. Business can afford it.

C. Business is required by law to cooperate.

D. Government has the support of the people.

22. When a government orders companies not to conduct business in another country because of a war, human rights violations, or lack of a legitimate government; these orders are called:

A. Government bailouts.

B. Political sanctions.

C. Economic sanctions.

D. Government stop-orders.

23. Public policy is a basic set of goals, plans and actions undertaken by:

A. Political lobbyists.

B. A government.

C. Business advocacy groups.

D. Police and fire departments.

24. Past decisions of the courts, the original basis for the U.S. legal system, are called:

A. Torts.

B. Amendments.

C. Legitimate actions.

D. Common laws.

25. The Mullahs in Iran is an example of the power of government derived from:

A. A monarchy.

B. A military dictatorship.

C. A religious authority.

D. A democracy.

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