MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. It necessary for the new nurse manager to

Question : MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. It necessary for the new nurse manager to : 1348556


1. It is necessary for the new nurse manager to delegate tasks to the staff. What is a requirement for the nurse manager in this delegation process?

a.Obtaining the employee’s voluntary acceptance of the task

b.Communicating the work assignment in understandable terms

c.Functioning from a laissez-faire style of leadership

d.Working alongside the staff to evaluate their care

2. To be able to meet the needs of assigned clients and the responsibilities associated with the position, nurses must be aware of time-management techniques. The time-management skills for the nurse include:

a.Meeting all of the client’s needs in the early morning hours

b.Anticipating possible interruptions by therapists and visitors

c.Doing each of the client’s assessments and treatments individually at separate times throughout the day

d.Leaving each day unplanned to allow for adaptations in treatments

3. In anticipation of a nursing shortage, the nursing management in a facility is investigating a nursing care delivery model that involves the division of tasks, with one nurse assuming the responsibility for particular tasks. This model is called

a.Total patient care

b.Functional nursing

c.Team nursing

d.Primary nursing

4. The medical center has changed its overall management philosophy from centralized to decentralized management. One advantage of a decentralized management structure for the nursing units over a centralized structure is that:

a.Staff is not responsible for defining their roles.

b.Managers handle the difficult decisions.

c.Communication pathways are simplified.

d.Each staff member is accountable for evaluating the plan of care.

5. The determination of indicators in a Quality Improvement program that evaluate the manner in which care is delivered are:

a.Structure indicators

b.Team indicators

c.Process indicators

d.Client indicators

6. A threshold of 90% is identified for an outcome indicator in the Quality Improvement program. Which of the following situations indicates a need for further review of the quality improvement plan?

a.The waiting time for clinic appointments has decreased 96%.

b.Clients with renal dialysis expressed a 95% satisfaction with their care.

c.In 93% of clients, subjective expressions of postoperative pain have decreased.

d.Wound infections are evident in 92% of clients after care of intravenous (IV) access ports.

7. In anticipation of a nursing shortage, the nursing management in a facility is investigating a nursing care delivery model that involves staff members working under the direction of a registered nurse leader. This model is called

a.Team nursing

b.Primary nursing

c.Functional nursing

d.Total patient care

8. Accountability is a critical aspect of nursing care. An example of a specific decision-making process of accountability is demonstrated by:

a.Selecting the medication schedule for the client

b.Implementing discharge teaching plans that meet individual needs

c.Evaluating the client’s outcomes after implementation of care

d.Promoting participation of all staff members in unit meetings

9. The student nurse is seeking to learn skills associated with priority setting. In discussing different priorities of care, an example of a second-order priority is:

a.An obstructed airway

b.The need to urinate

c.The side effects of a medication

d.Activities of daily living in the home environment

10. The nurse on the unit is determining what activities may be delegated to assistive personnel. A number of factors are included in the nurse’s decision. Assuming that the nurse assistant is competent, which one of the following activities may be safely delegated by the registered nurse?

a.Vital signs on a stable client

b.An admission history on a new client

c.Initial transfer of a postoperative client

d.Administration of medications prepared by the nurse






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