MicroRNAs are processed by the enzymes

Question : MicroRNAs are processed by the enzymes : 2134113

31) MicroRNAs are processed by the enzymes _______ and ______. One strand of the microRNA is loaded into a silencing complex named _________. The microRNAs target mRNA for ___________ or ___________.

A. RISC, Dicer, Drosha, mRNA degradation, translational repression

B. Drosha, Dicer, RISC, mRNA degradation, translational repression

C. Drosha, Dicer, RISC, alternative splicing, RNA editing

D. RISC, Dicer, Drosha, alternative splicing, RNA editing

32) RNA interference is the process of

A. gene silencing at the transcriptional level.

B. gene silencing at the level of RNA splicing.

C. gene silencing at the post-transcriptional level.

D. gene silencing at the post-translational level.

33) RNA interference is thought to have evolved to

A. downregulate cancer-causing genes

B. promote transposition

C. prevent spurious recombination

D. defend against viruses

34) The target mRNA for a particular miRNA is cleaved by

A. RNA-directed RNA polymerase

B. Dicer

C. Drosha


35) Which component of the RNAi pathway confers inheritance of siRNA-induced silencing?

A. Dicer

B. RISC (RNA induced silencing complex)

C. RdRP (RNA-directed RNA polymerase)

D. Drosha

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