Make sure to delete any merge field formatting marks before printing your document

Question : Make sure to delete any merge field formatting marks before printing your document : 2162427

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

41) Make sure to delete any merge field formatting marks before printing your document.

42) When you copy a chart from Excel to a PowerPoint slide, you can hide the background images for that slide so that they do not interfere with the chart colors and formatting.

43) In PowerPoint, bullet points can be converted into a SmartArt graphic to illustrate your message visually.

44) If Excel data is linked to a Word Document, any changes to the Excel data will be reflected in the linked Word Document.

45) By default, when you open a Word file, Word checks all linked files and prompts you to apply any changes.

46) One reason to use data stored in one file in a different file is so you do not have to reenter the data.

47) One of the most powerful features of Access is the ability to add, remove, or modify existing records without having to change the underlying structure of the data.

48) After you create a SmartArt graphic in PowerPoint, you can copy the graphic and paste it into a file created with another program.

49) By selecting options in the Paste Special dialog box, you can link a Word document to data in an Excel workbook.

50) The file extension .xlsx indicates an Excel file.

51) In a column of data that has been sorted in ascending order, the small arrow that displays on the Filter button points upward.

52) When pasting a value into an Excel worksheet, if a column is not wide enough to display the entire value, one or more pound signs (#) will display in the cell.

53) A chart displays numerical data in a visual format.

54) To select nonadjacent cells, or nonadjacent ranges of cells, in an Excel worksheet, hold down the Alt key as the cells are selected.

55) You can convert a bulleted list in PowerPoint into SmartArt, which can then be used in other applications.

56) If a Word document and an Excel spreadsheet are linked, any change in the spreadsheet will be updated in the Word document when it is opened.

57) One reason you may wish to copy and paste data from one program to another is to avoid retyping.

58) After a column is sorted in ascending or descending order, a small arrow displays on the Sort button to indicate the sort order.

59) Holding down the SHIFT key enables you to select nonadjacent cells.

60) You must insert footers in worksheets separately from inserting them in chart sheets.

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