Litigation presentation programs offer a comprehensive approach

Question : Litigation presentation programs offer a comprehensive approach : 2162320

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

41) Litigation presentation programs offer a comprehensive approach to presenting all of the following except:

A) Live testimony

B) Documents

C) Audio or video presentations

D) Photographs and graphic images

42) ________ programs can be used to produce electronic or paper copies, provide templates for graphics, artwork and layouts, and permit the use of animation and sound.

A) Tickler

B) Database

C) Presentation

D) Office Management

43) Which presentation program's dual-monitor mode for courtroom presentation allows the trial team to see the image before it is projected on the courtroom and individual monitors?

A) Sanction and TrialDirector

B) Microsoft PowerPoint and Corel Presentation

C) All of the above

D) None of the above

44) Presentation programs will frequently be equipped with a variety of ________ and content slides, making it easy to produce court-appropriate graphics.

A) Briefs

B) Links to court sites

C) Pleadings

D) Templates

45) Presentation graphics:

A) Are available through courthouse IT personnel only

B) Require specialized training to use

C) Eliminate the need of the legal team to hire graphic artists

D) None of the above

46) All of the following are important pointers in using PowerPoint except:

A) Since you have their attention for only a short time, pack as much as possible into each slide

B) Don't block the line of vision; stand aside

C) Use graphics effectively, avoiding overkill or extremely complex images

D) Use background and text color combinations that enhance viewability

47) It is important to determine up front whether the client is willing to ________ electronic equipment.

A) Operate

B) Pay for

C) Permit the use of

D) Understand

48) In some courthouses, ________ is available for witnesses who may not be able to attend trial in person.

A) Docketing software

B) Hacker insurance

C) A spreadsheet program

D) Videoconferencing

49) Courthouse security measures need to be taken into account when using electronic equipment and will routinely include any of the following except:

A) Retinal recognition

B) Metal scanners

C) X-ray machines

D) Briefcase and purse searches

50) ________ provisions may include extra disks, CDs or flash drives, links to remote document storage, extra batteries and bulbs, and hard copies of important evidence.

A) Backup

B) Excessive

C) Legally mandated

D) Unnecessary

51) Paralegals may need to check the ________ supported by the trial presentation program selected for trial early in the preparation process to ensure compatibility with files collected or prepared in discovery.

A) Formats

B) Graphics

C) Programs

D) None of the above

52) The use of loud noises, like gun shots:

A) Can be an effective part of a shock and awe trial strategy

B) Is an effective way of capturing the jury's attention in a slide presentation

C) May not be permitted to be used in the courtroom

D) Should be avoided as they are startling to jurors

53) An advantage of the electronic courtroom is:

A) Court reporters are not required

B) Photographic evidence can be seen clearly by the judge and every member of the jury at the same time

C) Witnesses who cannot travel to appear in court can testify by videoconferencing

D) All of the above

54) An annotation monitor:

A) Is a monitor with large enough screen for all in the courtroom to see the exhibit

B) Allows a witness to make on-screen annotations

C) Is a system that uses a high resolution camera to present exhibits

D) Assists the hearing impaired

55) ________ software offers templates that simplify depicting common legal situations such as auto accidents in electronic exhibits.

A) Word or WordPerfect

B) PowerPoint

C) SmartDraw

D) All of the above

56) Poorly prepared presentation graphics:

A) Amplify the message

B) Make everyone in the audience request a copy of the presentation

C) Are colorful and easy on the eyes of the audience

D) Distract from the message

57) Interpreter boxes:

A) Assist the hearing impaired

B) Route spoken word language interpretation through headphones to the witness

C) Are where spoken word or sign language interpreters sit in the courtroom

D) Route spoken word language interpretation through headphones to the witness and through the courtroom's public address system

58) Which is correct about effective slides for a graphic presentation?

A) Create slides with all the information and little "white" space.

B) Be aware of selecting colors that cannot be seen by someone who is colorblind.

C) Be aware of sensitivity to photos that depict difficult physical limitations.

D) Create slides that are appealing to the attorney.

59) The first point of contact concerning use of technology in the courtroom is:

A) The judge to obtain approval for use of technology in the courtroom

B) The opposing counsel to arrange use of the same software in the courtroom

C) The technical support office to determine how the courtroom is equipped

D) All of the above

60) Using technology makes trial preparation easier because:

A) The legal teams for the plaintiff and defendant use the same technology to prepare exhibits, graphic displays, and documents for trial

B) All courthouses, courtrooms, and judges use the same technology and software

C) Used properly, technology can save time at trial

D) A few laptop computers and thumb drives with electronically stored information is more difficulty to transport

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