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Levi Strauss

Emily Morgan is a 30-year veteran at Levi Strauss & Company. She joined the company as a secretary in the advertising department and slowly began rising through the ranks. The more she saw how the company worked, the more dissatisfied she became. According to Morgan, the company was “dysfunctional” and “internally competitive, one division against another.” This is why in 1982 when talk of reinventing the company spread through headquarters and senior management began looking for volunteers, Morgan became a part of the change initiative. She led the team that designed the Develop Sources process, a system for working with suppliers. In 1995, Morgan became vice president for fulfillment, Asia. Her job was to convince Levi’s Asia suppliers to adopt more efficient production and distribution techniques. The Asian suppliers were afraid of change. Once Morgan and her staff showed suppliers how use of the Develop Sources program would benefit them, Morgan’s job to transform Levi’s Asian operations became easier.


109.Refer to Levi Strauss. In order to maintain a competitive advantage in the clothing industry, Levi had to create more efficient new methods of dealing with its suppliers. Its ____ began with the discontinuation of inefficient methods of suppliers and continued through a substitution of electronic networks for outdated systems.

a.dominant design

b.competitive advantage

c.innovation stream

d.comparative differential

e.inventive flow

110.Refer to Levi Strauss. Why did Levi decide in 1982 to change the way it was conducting business? protect its competitive advantage downsize its work force make outsourcing more economically feasible create economies of scale direct group norm development

111.Refer to Levi Strauss. Prior to the reinvention of the company, which began in 1982, the company most likely did not have a(n):

a.history of innovation discontinuity iteration

c.competitive advantage

d.creative work environment

e.organizational culture

112.Refer to Levi Strauss. Unfreezing, change intervention, and refreezing were the processes used by Morgan and her team to:

a.motivate Asian suppliers

b.manage the Asian suppliers’ resistance to change

c.create a more dynamic work environment

d.coordinate a creative work environment

e.gather competitive intelligence about Levi’s suppliers

113.Refer to Levi Strauss. Initially, Morgan found ____ strong in Asia.

a.change forces

b.internal strengths

c.frozen change

d.acceptance forces

e.resistance forces

114.Refer to Levi Strauss. Which of the specific techniques for dealing with resistance to change did Morgan use to convince the Asian suppliers that it was in their best interest to adopt the Develop Sources process?

a.coercion management support and communication


e.tactical manipulation

115.Refer to Levi Strauss. Emily Morgan is an example of a(n):



c.organizational liaison

d.change agent




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