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audio_iconL2P2Midterm-02: Listening  (10 points)

Listen and select the most appropriate answer.

1.How long has Wenying’s mother been in the hospital?

a.Four days.

b.Three days.

c.Five days.

2.Why didn’t she tell Wenying first?

a.Because Wenying was in class.

b.Because she did not know whether Wenying was free.

c.Because she did not want Wenying to worry about her.

3.How did I take her to the hospital?

a.I drove her to the hospital.

b.I called the police for emergency service.

c.I called the hospital for an ambulance.

4.What did the doctor say about Wenying’s mother’s situation?

a.She would have been in danger if treatment had been delayed.

b.She was in danger due to the delay in treatment.

c.She would have been in danger if the ambulance did not arrive in time.

5.When did Wenying get the news?

a.After class in the morning.

b.Before she finished her classes.

c.After class in the afternoon.



L2P2Midterm-03: Listening  (10 points)

Listen and select the most appropriate answer.

1.How long have I been driving?

a.Thirty days.

b.Three months.

c.Three years.

2.What happened to me yesterday?

a.I went to buy a camera for my girlfriend.

b.I was caught and fined by the police.

c.My girlfriend asked me to accompany her to purchase a camera.

3.What did my girlfriend ask me to do yesterday?

a.She asked me to purchase a digital camera.

b.She asked me to bring a digital camera to her.

c.She asked me to go with her to buy a camera.

4.What happened when I was driving on the road yesterday?

a.There was an accident so the road was blocked.

b.There was a traffic jam.

c.There were too many policemen and they were blocking the road.

5.What did I try to do when I saw that the road was blocked?

a.I tried to call my girlfriend to tell her what had happened.

b.I waited patiently in the car for the road to open up again.

c.I tried to drive on the shoulder to bypass the traffic jam.

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