is a tangible benefit of information systems. Reduced workforce

Question : is a tangible benefit of information systems. Reduced workforce : 2141880

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1) ________ is a tangible benefit of information systems.
A) Reduced workforce
B) Improved resource control
C) Better corporate image
D) Improved asset usage
E) More information
2) ________ is an intangible benefit of information systems.
A) Reduced software cost
B) Improved decision making
C) Lower maintenance cost
D) Increased sales
E) Lower hardware cost
3) Which process is used to develop risk profiles for a firm's information system projects and assets?
A) Information systems plan
B) Feasibility study
C) Portfolio analysis
D) Systems analysis
E) Scoring model
4) You have been hired by a pharmaceutical company to evaluate its portfolio of systems and IT projects. Which types of projects would be best avoided? A) Any low-benefit projects
B) Any high-risk projects
C) High risk, high benefit projects
D) Any low-risk projects
E) High-risk, low-benefit projects
5) An information systems plan includes all the following except:
A) current situation.
B) financing.
C) selection of programming languages.
D) management strategy.
E) key business processes.
6) All of the following are management strategy considerations in the development of an information systems plan except: A) acquisition plans.
B) organizational realignment.
C) anticipated difficulties in implementation.
D) management controls.
E) major training initiatives.
7) A ________ model is a method for deciding among alternative systems based on a system of ratings for selected objectives.
A) capital budgeting
B) scoring
C) portfolio
E) scorecard
8) According to the opening case, all of the following were benefits of the new app developed for Angostura except:
A) integration with suppliers.
B) reduction in time to create an order.
C) integration with Bluetooth wireless printers.
D) reduction in percentage of returned orders.
E) reduction in the amount of time customer service representatives spent on data entry ex.
9) Which of the following is not a factor used in making the business case for a specific new system?
A) Survival
B) Improved decision making
C) Employee morale
D) Customer and supplier relationships
E) Financial rationale
10) All of the following are capital budgeting models for evaluating IT projects except:
A) payback method.
B) net present value.

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