Indicate which type of muscle associated with the property in

Question : Indicate which type of muscle associated with the property in : 1417106


Indicate which type of muscle is associated with the property in question by writing the appropriate letter in the blank using the answer code below:

a.skeletal muscle only

b.single-unit smooth muscle only

c.cardiac muscle only

d.skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle

e.skeletal muscle and single-unit smooth muscle

f.single-unit smooth muscle and cardiac muscle

g.skeletal, single-unit smooth, and cardiac muscles

60.Contains actin, myosin, troponin, and tropomyosin

61.Contains gap junctions

62.Is innervated by motor neurons

63.Is self-excitable

64.Maintains a constant resting membrane potential unless stimulated

65.Is innervated by the autonomic nervous system

66.Is attached to bones

67.Is considered to be involuntary

68.Thick and thin filaments are highly organized into a banding pattern

69.Is found in the heart

70.Can exist over a variety of lengths with little change in tension

71.Is striated

72.Is found in the walls of hollow organs such as the stomach

73.Behaves as a functional syncytium

74.Is under voluntary control

75.Has a clear-cut length-tension relationship

76.Basis of contraction is cross bridge interaction between actin and myosin

77.Contraction is triggered as Ca2+ causes troponin to move tropomyosin from its blocking position over actin's binding sites for the cross bridges

78.Myosin must be phosphorylated before it can bind with actin

79.Contains T tubules

80.Displays pacemaker potentials and slow-wave potentials

81.Is neurogenic


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