Increasing the value of the items a guest orders is known as

Question : Increasing the value of the items a guest orders is known as : 2162199

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

21) Increasing the value of the items a guest orders is known as:

A) suggestive selling

B) highlighting

C) up-selling

D) building sales

22) Pointing out the specials to a guest; favorite or popular items on the menu to encourage the guest to order them is known as:

A) pushing the menu

B) building sales

C) value adding

D) highlighting

23) When the server asks questions the guest cannot answer with a yes or no, it known as:

A) open-ended questions

B) getting the guest excited about the menu

C) stump the guest so that the server can give the correct answer

D) highlighting

24) An additional factor that can increase or decrease a server's income is:

A) weather conditions that affect business

B) working more or fewer hours

C) banquet or special functions

D) all of the above

25) When all tips go into one pot (where legally allowed) and are divided equally among selected staff, the procedure is called:

A) tip pooling

B) tip potting

C) tip holding

D) tip mixing

26) A server can learn the technical skills and become proficient in them, but a server's success is greatly linked to the:

A) up-selling

B) speed of serving

C) desire to serve

D) menu prices

27) The three critical variables within the server's control that directly impacts his or her earnings are as follows:

A) speed, efficiency, salesmanship

B) appearance, accuracy, tips

C) attention to details, remembering customer names, dessert sales

D) desire to serve, personalized service, marketing skills

28) An advantage of a non-tipping restaurant is:

A) that servers will have a consistent wage

B) that it compensates all restaurant employees for their work

C) that it eliminates IRS Tip Reporting

D) all of the above

29) The formula for applying "Tip Credit" is as follows:

A) formula varies from state to state

B) the formula may vary but duplicates federal guidelines

C) more earned in tips less paid in wages

D) all of the above

30) The Internal Revenue Service has:

A) allocated tip formulas that track sales

B) tax reporting forms available

C) encouraged servers to keep a record of tips earned

D) all of the above

31) If a guest check total is $136.20 and a server earns a 15 percent tip, the correct tip amount is:

A) $12.38

B) $18.83

C) $20.43

D) $15.20

32) There are three variables within a server's control, which one of the following is NOT one of them?

A) accounting skills

B) personalized service skills

C) marketing skills

D) the desire to serve

ESSAY. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.

33) List 10 occupational advantages that may be attractive and motivating to a server:

34) List 4 occupational disadvantages that may be discouraging for people who are not cut out for server work:

35) Explain each of the following personal competencies that a server should have in order to be successful:



Product Knowledge

Service Knowledge

Timing and Attention to Details



Positive Attitude

Teamwork Ability

Good Manners

Professional Appearance


Sense of Humor

Diversity Skills


36) List 10 lucrative career tracks that server skills can transfer to:

37) Given the following information determine a server's hourly wage:

$600 per day in customer sales

Working 5 days per week

Working 30 hours per week

Working 50 weeks a year

Earning on average 15 percent in tips

Wage $2.13 per hour with tip credit

A. $13.17 per hour wage

B. $21.30 per hour wage

C. $17.13 per hour wage

D. $11.13 per hour wage

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