Incentive-based meetings and events are organized to give incentives

Question : Incentive-based meetings and events are organized to give incentives : 2162235

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

24) Incentive-based meetings and events are organized to give incentives for prospective clients to use the DMC's services.

25) While DMC's may be involved in site inspections, they do not usually organize nor sponsor them. That responsibility lies with the DMO in the locale.

26) A DMC can be defined as a professional services business that possesses extensive local knowledge, expertise, and resources.

27) Transportation logistics are not key services provided by DMC's — they are provided by DMO's.

28) There are some similarities between the services of DMO's and DMC's.

29) DMCs do not have to be legally insured for business liability because they will be covered under the client's policy.

30) So-called "one-destination" DMC's also enjoy the same economy of scale that a national or international DMC would.

31) Field staff are usually temporarily contracted employees who are hired by a DMC.

32) A client may not necessarily choose a winning bid based solely on price.

33) When items are based on "lot" costs, the pricing is based on the actual number of participants.

MATCHING. Choose the item in column 2 that best matches each item in column 1.

Match the DMC process with its description / definition.

34) Identifying new business opportunities    A) Involves invoices using either "lot" costs or a per-person basis.

35) Site inspections     B) DMC's may be involved in this, but they do not usually organize nor sponsor them

36) Program development      C) Can include cocktail receptions, gala dinner events, guest and children's programs

37) Program execution           D) Encompasses routing, vehicle use, staff requirements, special venue considerations, equipment staging areas, maps and signage.

38) Transportation services     E) At this time, all suppliers contracted by the DMC are notified that the program is definite and their services are confirmed.

39) Production of events         F) The process where you go where the customers are or where the customers do business.

40) Wrap-Up and billing         G) This process especially requires the coordination of staff and suppliers into one cohesive program of products and services.

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