In this assessment, you will: 1. Find five credible sources

Question : In this assessment, you will: 1. Find five credible sources : 13

In this assessment, you will: 1. Find five credible sources thatsupport your position on the topic you have chosen in Project Part1. 2. Then, list these sources in APA format. 3. After eachcitation, include four short paragraphs about each source. 4.Include an APA title page and then make sure that this assignmentis presented in this format.

Paragraph 4: Discuss what you willuse this source for  ? Paragraph 3: Discuss how you willspecifically use the source ?Paragraph 2: Analyze the source ? Paragraph 1: Summarize the source ?APA citation for source 1

Follow the same format for each source.

Be sure to cover the main points of the source, consider if it issimple—pushes only one main point—or

complex—argues for several points at once—and analyze it forbias.

Submission Requirements:

You are expected to follow a block pattern of organization, whereyou answer all three areas of the

assignment for each source at a time. This pattern of organizinginformation will ensure that all parts of the

assignment are covered, and the reader can clearly see why eachsource is credible or non-credible.

EN3220: Module 4 Hidden Assumptions and Research

Research 4.1

Building an Annotated Bibliography


Citation Style:APA? Length:Paragraphs should be about 100–200 words each. ? Font: Arial, point 12, double spaced ?Submit your response in a Microsoft Word document of the followingspecifications:

Evaluation Criteria:

The research rubric will be used to evaluate thisassignment.   Topic is are cell phones dangerous?


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