In Access, when you add a new record by using a form

Question : In Access, when you add a new record by using a form : 2162426

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

21) In Access, when you add a new record by using a form, you must ________ to save the new record to the database.

A) click submit

B) do nothing (auto-saved)

C) click save

D) click update

22) In a Word mail merge, you can use a subset of the mailing list based on a specific set of criteria–for example, only customers in Florida–by applying a ________.

A) condition

B) filter

C) dynamic field

D) sort

23) In a Word mail merge, when inserting a merge field into a main document, the merge field is surrounded by ________.

A) single quotes (' ')

B) curly brackets ({ })

C) double quotes (" ")

D) double angle brackets (<< >>)

24) To quickly total the data in the columns of an Excel table, display a ________ row at the end of the table.

A) total

B) banded

C) footer

D) header

25) Excel's ________ function is used to add numbers together.





26) A mail merge process begins with two files, the main document and the ________.

A) data source

B) child document

C) secondary document

D) destination source

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

27) Access includes a tool to export data from an Access database into an Excel workbook.

28) In Access, the names of objects are found in the Navigation Pane.

29) In Excel, the sheet tab at the bottom of the worksheet indicates the worksheet name.

30) Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint work well together because they are from the same software suite.

31) Files using the .rtf file extension can be read by many word processing programs.

32) Within an Excel worksheet, data formatted as a table can be managed independently from the data in the other rows and columns in the worksheet.

33) All tables in Excel must have a header row.

34) The header row is not included in calculations applied within the total row.

35) Access automatically saves records that have been added to a database.

36) You can copy a table from Word and paste it directly into an Excel worksheet.

37) In an Excel workbook, to change the width of a group of columns, you must widen each column individually.

38) In Excel, you must create a new worksheet before you can move a selected chart to a new sheet.

39) You can change a chart title after the chart is created.

40) As with all other Office programs, make sure you save the records before closing Access.

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