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I just need help with these two small problems, thank you!

For this one, theres parts A, B and C. Please answer all 3. Thank you!

with its investment bankers regarding the issuance of new bonds. The investment banker has The cost of debt Gron Drywall Systems Inc., is in discussions informed the firm that different maturities will carry different coupon rates and sell at different prices. The firm must choose among several alternatives. In each case, the bonds will have a $1,000 par value and flotation costs will be $35 per bond. The company is taxed at 35%. Use the approximation formula to calculate the after-tax cost of financing with the following alternative. (Click on the icon located on the top-right cornerof the data table below in order to copy its contents into a spreadsheet.) Coupon rate Time to maturity Premium or discount D 6% 18 years $250 The after-tax cost of financing using the approximation formula is (Round to two decimal places.)

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