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i: Apps Apps Bank of America OCHASE Bank cred. N Netflix m FIwonline Dietionary com Fr. https INwww.acoou. imported From safari MIND TAP Assignment 04 Analysis of Financial Statements Due on Jan 29 at 1159 PIMEST Activity Information 3. Asset management ratios Aa Aa L management ratios are used to measure how enectively afrm manages ts assets, by relating the amount invested in a partialar type of asset (or group of assets) to the amount of nevenues the asset isgenerating. Examples of asset management ratios include average collection period (also called the days sales outstanding ratio), the inventory turnover ratio, the fooed asset tunnover ratio, and the total asset turnover ratio. Consider the following case: Monroe Manufacturing has a quick ratio of 2.oox, s2s,s00 in cash, s16.000 in accounts receivable, some inventory, total ourrent assets of S64,000, and total current liablites of $22,400. The company repated annual sales of s700,000 inthe most necent annual report. over the past year, how oten did Monroe Manufacturing sell and replace itsinventory? Q 40.11 x Q 286 x Q 36.46 Q 8.01 x The inventory tunnover ratio across companies inthe manufacturing industryis40.11x. Based on this information which of the following for Monroe Manufacturing? Q Monroe Manufacturing is holding less inventory per dollar of sales compared to the industry average. Q Monroe Manufacturing is holding more inventory per dollar of sales compared to the industry average. You are analyzing two companies that manufacture electronic toys-Uke Games Inc and our Play inc Like Games was launched eight years ago, whereas our Play is a relatively new company that has been in operation for only the past two years. However, both companies have an equal share with sales of s700.000 Youve colected company data to compare Uke Games and Play. Last year, the average sales for all industry competitors was ,785 000. As an analyst, you want to make comments on the expected performance of these two companies in the coming year. Youve collected data from the companies' financial statements. This information is listed as follows:

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