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Question : Hydrogenics Corporation The Hydrogenics case the first in a series

Hydrogenics Corporation The Hydrogenics case is the first in a series of four cases that illustrate a comprehensive analysis of an international corporation. In this case the balance sheet will be analyzed with the income statement and cash flow statement analyzed in cases for Chapters 3 and 4. Chapter 5 will include a comprehensive analysis of Hydrogenics using the information from Chapters 2 through 5. The financial statement analysis template can be accessed and used a The balance sheet for Hydrogenics and excerpts from the notes to the financial statements are included after the instructions for the case Required: (a) Once you have linked to the template you should see a window that asks whether you want to enable the macros. You must click on "Enable Macros" to use the template. (You may have to change the security setting on your computer in order to use this feature.) Familiarize yourself with the instructions. The tab for the instructions is at the bottom of your screen and is labeled "ReadMe." Print out a copy of the instructions to be used for all Hydrogenics cases in each chapter of the text. Click on the link at the bottom of the screen labeled "Cover." Enter the required data in the template for Hydrogenics with the exception of the check figures for the income statement and the cash flow statement which will be added to the cover sheet when completing Hydrogenics cases in Chapters 3 and 4. Use the instructions to help you locate the necessary information. The amount for "Rent Expense" can be found in Note 20 under the heading "Commitments". Note 27 addresses dividends. Print the cover sheet when it is completed. Save the template on your computer or a disk in order to use it with subsequent problems in later chapters.

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