Hydrocolloid dressings are:

Question : Hydrocolloid dressings are: : 2139509

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

11) Hydrocolloid dressings are:

A) nonadhesive. B) permeable to stool and urine.

C) associated with hypogranulation. D) impermeable to water and bacteria.

12) Alginate dressings may be appropriate in each of the following situations EXCEPT:

A) over exposed tendons. B) in heavily draining wounds.

C) in wounds with tunnels. D) in infected wounds.

13) Which of the following best completes the sentence? Silver dressings ________.

A) are proven to prevent wound infection

B) may have limited value because they are available as primary, but not as secondary, wound dressings

C) cost about the same as other moisture-retentive dressings, such as hydrocolloids

D) should not be used in combination with saline

14) The key function of a charcoal dressing is:

A) to absorb wound drainage. B) to control wound odor.

C) to promote autolytic debridement. D) to prevent tendon desiccation.

15) Which of the following best completes the sentence? Skin sealants ________.

A) should be used on uninfected superficial or partial-thickness lacerations that are less than 24 hours old

B) absorb a moderate amount of wound drainage

C) prevent anhydrous skin by minimizing fluid loss through the epidermis

D) protect the periwound from maceration and adhesives

16) Which of the following are examples of growth factors?

A) Porcine small intestinal submucosa. B) Colony stimulating factors.

C) Becaplermin gel. D) All of the above.

17) A wound that is draining and necrotic requires:

A) debridement and absorption of exudate.

B) antibiotics.

C) a dressing that can stay in place for several days, such as a semipermeable film.

D) debridement and protection of the wound bed.

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