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How Does China’s Internet Censorship Affect Global Business?

1.How do you feel about censorship? Is it a violation of human rights or does it protect citizens, government, or society?Do you think the Chinese government will be pressured into providing open Internet access for its citizens?Why or why not? (Bloom’s: synthesis, evaluation)

2.Do you think the Chinese government’s censorship is an attempt to control Internet usage in favour of its own domestic Baidu search engine and other domestic social media companies (a form of protectionism)? What if other countries did the same? Could censorship become more prevalent? (Bloom’s: application, synthesis)

3.How does Internet censorship affect global business?As more countries move toward market economies, do you think there will be a decline in Internet censorship by government?Should the Internet be kept “open” for all world citizens? (Bloom’s: analysis, synthesis, evaluation)

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