Hinduism A) is the majority religion in Pakistan and Bangladesh

Question : Hinduism A) is the majority religion in Pakistan and Bangladesh : 2161262

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

41) Hinduism

A) is the majority religion in Pakistan and Bangladesh

B) has always denounced the caste system.

C) is the majority religion in India.

D) is monotheistic

E) actively seeks new converts in the same manner as does Christianity and Islam

42) The majority of people in South Asia are

A) Jains

B) Christian

C) Muslim

D) Hindu

E) Sikh

43) Of the following regions or countries of South Asia, where would you be most likely to find a Muslim?

A) Sri Lanka

B) Kerala

C) Nepal

D) Kashmir

E) Bhutan

44) Which two nations in South Asia are overwhelmingly Muslim?

A) Bangladesh and Pakistan

B) Bangladesh and Nepal

C) India and Pakistan

D) India and Bangladesh

E) India and Nepal

45) The population of Pakistan is primarily

A) Hindu

B) Jain

C) Christian

D) Muslim

E) Sikh

46) Which of the following statements about Islam in South Asia is TRUE in modern times?

A) Sri Lanka is overwhelmingly Muslim.

B) Islam has coexisted peacefully with Hinduism during the past century.

C) India is predominately Muslim today, with more than 170 million adherents.

D) Muslims tend to be coastal people in South Asia, whereas Hinduism is found in the mountainous interior.

E) India is a minority Muslim nation.

47) Sikhism is a blend of what two religions?

A) Christianity and Hinduism

B) Islam and Buddhism

C) Hinduism and Islam

D) Hinduism and Buddhism

E) Christianity and Islam

48) You are a member of the Sikh faith. You most likely live in

A) Bangladesh

B) Tamil Nadu

C) Kashmir

D) Punjab

E) Pakistan

49) Sikh men have a distinct physical appearance because

A) they wear bright yellow and saffron robes

B) they dye their hair blue since it is a sacred color to Sikhs

C) they engage in religious ceremonies where they ritualistically scar their faces

D) they do not cut their hair or beards and wrap their hair in turbans

E) they shave all their hair and are bald

50) What religion dominates in Bhutan?

A) Islam

B) Hinduism

C) Christianity

D) Sikhism

E) Buddhism

51) What behavior does the South Asian religion of Jainism emphasize over all others?

A) tolerance

B) prayer

C) nonviolence

D) fasting

E) honesty

52) What trend is threatening the survival of the Zoroastrian community?

A) emigration from the region in search of economic opportunity

B) environmental devastation in their homeland of Bhutan

C) the abandonment of the belief system for Hinduism

D) intermarriage and low fertility

E) persecution by Sikhs

53) What is the most widely spoken language in South Asia?

A) Hindi

B) Dravidian

C) Gujarati

D) Persian

E) Bengali

54) The state of Uttar Pradesh is dominated by which language?

A) Bengali

B) Hindi

C) Uttar Pradeshi

D) Gujarati

E) Tamil

55) In what part of India are Dravidian languages most likely to be spoken?

A) south

B) east

C) center

D) west

E) north

56) Dravidian languages will be spoken in the Indian state of

A) Kashmir

B) Uttar Pradesh

C) Tamil Nadu

D) Rajasthan

E) Assam

57) You live in Karachi. You more than likely speak which two languages?

A) Tamil and Hindi

B) Kashmiri and Bengali

C) Bengali and Tamil

D) Sindhi and Urdu

E) Hindi and Nepali

58) What language has been suggested as a unifying national language in India?

A) Hindi

B) Dravidian

C) English

D) French

E) Brahui

59) The dominant colonial power that unified South Asia into a single political system were the

A) Dutch

B) British

C) Russians

D) Chinese

E) French

60) The British East India Company was

A) a private firm acting as an arm of the British government that gained economic and military dominance over much of South Asia

B) a publicly-owned Indian company where profits were largely shared by various Indian principalities

C) largely comprised of British laborers sent to work in India under the authority of Indian vassal states

D) dissolved after the 1857 uprising in India

E) established after Indian independence in 1947

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