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Hi I would like to double check my answers. I think it is 1a,2a,3b,4d,5a,6c. Can you provide a brief explanation? Thanks!

Which of the following is not true regarding the Na+ - K+ pump?

a. It is a peripheral membrane protein.

b. It is electrogenic.

c. It requires ATP to function.

d. With each cycle, it moves 3 Na+ out of cells and 2 K+ into cells.

e. It has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic domains.

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Question 2

A bacterium is expelled from a warm human intestine to the colder world outside. What adjustment might the beast make to maintain the same degree of membrane fluidity it had inside the intestine? It could

a. insert more phospholipids with fatty acid chains containing cis double bonds into its membrane.

b. insert more cholesterol into its membrane.

c. insert more gap junctions into its membrane.

d. release calcium from its endoplasmic reticulum.

e. block the phosphodiesterase that hydrolyzes cAMP into 5-AMP.

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Question 3

A mutant animal is created whose stimulatory G protein (Gs) alpha subunits lack GTPase activity. Activation of the GPCR of these cells would lead to what secondary effect?

a. The beta and gamma subunits would produce cAMP.

b. The cAMP concentration would rise.

c. The regulatory subunits of PKA would not dissociate from the catalytic subunits.

d. The catalytic subunits of PKA would be unable to pass through the nuclear pores.

e. The extracellular ligand would fail to bind to the GPCR.

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Question 4

Cells communicate in ways that resemble human communication. Which of the following would be analogous to endocrine signaling?

a. Texting your mother.

b. Talking to people at a party.

c. Talking to yourself.

d. A radio broadcast.

e. A telephone conversation using two landlines.

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Question 5

A mutation is created that lacks the coat proteins involved in pinocytosis. In these cells, what might you expect to see?

a. More phagocytotic activity.

b. More receptor mediated endocytosis.

c. More pinocytosis.

d. An increase in the surface area of the cell.

e. A decrease in the volume of the cell.

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Question 6

Which of the following is a membrane protein that allows the movement of substances down their concentration gradients?

a. A GPCR.

b. A G protein.

c. An ion channel coupled receptor.

d. A receptor tyrosine kinase.

e. A pump.

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