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Greendale Stadium Case The G&E; Company is preparing a bid to build the new 47,000 seat Greendale baseball stadium. The construction must start July 2011. and be completed in time for the start of the 2014 season. A penalty clause of s100,000 per day of de- lay beyond May 20, 2014. is written into the contract contract and the president of the company, expressed at obla on the revealed that the company could as much as s2 million project. He also said if they are successful, the prospects for future projects are quite good since there is a projected renaissance in building classic ball parks with modern luxury boxes. ASSIGNMENT Given the information provided in Table 6.3, construct a network schedule for the stadium project and answer the following questions: 1. Will the project be able to be completed by the May 20 deadline How long will ake? 2. What is the critical path for the project? 3. Based on the sehedule would you recommend that G&E; pursue this contact? Why? Include a one-page Gantt chart lor the stadium sebedule. Activity Duration Baseball Stadium Clear stadium TO days Demolish building Set up construction spe e support pang Pour lower concrete 36 Pour main concourse 36 nstall playing sold 90 days onstruct upper steel bow 20 days 7,9 all seats 40 days T,9 Build luxury boxes f30 days 30 days 20 days Stadium imfrastructure 35 days Construct steel canopy 30 days days Buld roof supports 90 days 11.1315.19

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