Graph the function by starting with the graph of the basic function

Question : Graph the function by starting with the graph of the basic function : 2139045

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Justice Louis Brandeis of the United States Supreme Court said that governmental lawlessness was:

A) dangerous.

B) contagious.

C) unprecedented.

D) devastating.

2) At the core of the Nazi atrocities was eugenics, which includes:

A) assisted suicide.

B) bionics.

C) euthanasia.

D) selective breeding and compulsory sterilization.

3) It is estimated that ________ have been sterilized under statutes permitting the procedure.

A) 5000

B) 20,000

C) 63,000

D) 40,000

4) In the Tuskegee Study, what population was used in the study?

A) Asians

B) Caucasians

C) Hispanics

D) African Americans

5) In the Tuskegee Study, study subjects failed to receive treatment for:


B) syphilis.

C) heart disease.

D) cancer.

6) Which of the following is true about the Tuskegee Study?

A) The only contribution the Tuskegee study ever made to medical science was keeping laboratories supplied with syphilitic blood samples for testing purposes.

B) Autopsies were not performed once the participants died.

C) When penicillin became available the wives and children received treatment.

D) The issues with the study came to light twenty years after the study started.

7) In 1958, the CIA prepared a report which suggested to intelligence agencies that they might be able to control people through:

A) brainwashing.

B) drug addiction.

C) hypnosis to create amnesia or elicit false confessions.

D) sensory deprivation.

8) The object of depatterning is the disintegration of a subject's personality and one way to do this is through:

A) electroconvulsive shock treatment; levels up to eighty times the intensity considered safe.

B) having them some large quantities of marijuana for weeks at a time.

C) limited doses of hallucinogenic drugs.

D) lengthy periods of drug-induced sleep

9) When the CIA began experimenting with LSD in the early 1950s, the subjects included: included:

A) mobsters.

B) juvenile delinquents.

C) prostitutes.

D) military members.

10) During the Cold War, the CIA tested knockout drugs and incapacitating substances at:

A) University of Southern California.

B) Georgia Tech.

C) Harvard.

D) Georgetown University.

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