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Global Electronics' cost of goods sold generally runs at 70% of sales. Inventory is purchased on account, and 40% of each month's purchases are paid during the month of purchase. The remainder is paid during the following month. In order to have adequate stocks of inventoryo hand, the firm attempts to have inventory at the end of each monthequal to half of the next month's projected cost ofgoods sold.

Projected sales for Dec of 20x0 are $800,000. Credit sales are typically 75% of total sales. Global credit experience indicates that 10% of credit sales are collected during the month of sale , and the remainders are collected during the follwoing month.

Find the sales budget as follow

Find the Cash Receipts Budget as follow

Find the Purchases Budget as follow

Find the Cash Disbursement Budget as follow


Projected Sales


$ 800,000.00

Credit Sales (75% of sales)



Collections during month of sale (10%) of sales



Cost of Goods Sold (70% of sales)



Sales Salaries


$  42,000.00

Advertising and Promotion


$  32,000.00

Administratice Salaries


$  42,000.00



$  50,000.00

Interest on Bonds (Paid semi-annually January 31 and July 31)


$   5,000.00

Property Taxes Paid Semi-annually on February 28 and August 31)


$   1,800.00

Sales Commissions (1% of sales)







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