Generally, how many site inspections should the meeting planner have

Question : Generally, how many site inspections should the meeting planner have : 2162262

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Generally, how many site inspections should the meeting planner have?

A) Four

B) Three

C) Two

D) One

2) Which country enforces ADA?

A) Spain

B) America

C) Brazil

D) Canada

3) What is negotiated when planning a meeting?

A) Food

B) Nothing

C) Everything

D) Room rates

4) Once the meeting objectives are laid out and a budget is determined, the meeting planner should:

A) Determine the commission price

B) Contact the board member serving as the convention chair

C) Create a Request for Proposal (RFP)

D) Pick a destination

5) The ________ is responsible for creating press releases that will be sent to professional publications.

A) News committee

B) Accounting committee

C) Marketing committee

D) Food committee

6) It is important that a(n) ________ be conducted after each conference.

A) Accountability study


C) Evaluation

D) Site inspection for damages

7) What is an RFP?

A) Required Funding Proposal

B) Rational Funding Procedure

C) Request for Proposal

D) Rational Funding Protocol

8) When can an association be exempt from city and state taxes?

A) When they are a nonprofit organization

B) When the association is part of a government chain

C) Never; everyone must pay them.

D) Associations are not liable to pay taxes.

9) Following the income generated from the registration fees, ________ are the largest single source of income for the ASAA.

A) Host hotels

B) Exhibitors

C) Guest speakers

D) Attendees

10) What does ASAA stand for?

A) American Sport and Athletics Association

B) American Scottish Actor Association

C) American Small Animal Association

D) None of the above

11) What company does a meeting planner have to contract to set up the trade show and decorate?

A) Exposition service contractor

B) It is included with the cost of space rental.

C) Exposition trade show employees

D) Contractors from different decorating companies

12) Out of all the transportation needed in a budget, which is the least expensive?

A) VIP transportation

B) Shuttles

C) Air travel

D) Freight shipping

13) Planning for the annual conference begins how long in advance?

A) Two years

B) Three years

C) Four years

D) One year

14) The hotel budget includes which of the following?

A) Staff sleeping rooms

B) Meeting room rental

C) Food and beverage

D) All of the above

15) What percentage of group members will register early?

A) 60%

B) 40%

C) 50%

D) 30%

16) When does the RFP get created?

A) Once budget is determined.

B) During the conference

C) Very first thing

D) Right before the conference

17) According to this chapter's example, how many days are spent in the host city during site inspections?

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

18) Who selected the theme of "Power of Prevention"?

A) Hospitality committee

B) Program committee

C) Selection committee

D) Marketing committee

19) During the fourth and fifth months prior to the meeting, how often is registration monitored?

A) Once a month

B) Weekly

C) Daily

D) Twice a week

20) When does the staff arrive at the city to begin to set up meeting headquarters?

A) One day

B) One week

C) Two days

D) Three days

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

21) To begin preparation for the annual conference, one should review past annual conference evaluations from attendees and members of the Board of Directors.

22) To help one measure ROI, create an operational and educational objective.

23) History shows a steady 40% increase in exhibits per year.

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

24) According to the narrative in this chapter, the ASAA has also met in Bethesda, Maryland.

25) ROI stands for return on investment.

26) The usual comp room ratio is one free room for every ten.

27) As a meeting planner, it is important to understand your audience, the attendees of the meeting.

28) In the situation detailed in this chapter, the hotel doubles the amount of shampoo and towels in each room when a convention is predominantly female.

29) A General Services Contractor provides decorations and sets up the trade show.

30) To encourage members to make presentations, the ASAA offers presenters free registration fees.

31) In this sample meeting, an early registration fee and a late fee for members and non-members.

32) For this sample meeting, a detailed history in the form of a grid of the last three years is included on the RFP.

33) The Marketing Committee is responsible for contacting all the speakers and following up with those not responding.

34) From one-year to six months before the meeting, the program committee should meet to select the speakers for the convention.

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