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1. How would you describe your organization? (e.g., public versus private, size, service/manufacturing, union/nonunion, major competitors, international business, growing, stagnant, downsizing).

2. What is your position title?

3.a. b. How many months/years have you been employed by this company?

4. a. Briefly, describe your background (education, previous experience).

How many months/years have you occupied this position?

b. Which aspects of your background are most directly related to your current job duties?

5. a. How many employees do you directly supervise?

b. To whom do you report? What is his or her job title?

6. Describe the organization’s human resource or personnel department. How many employees are in the department? What are their main job duties if different from yours?

7. What do you regard as your three most significant job responsibilities? Be as specific as possible.

8. What do you regard as the three most significant and specific HR challenges or difficulties you face in your current job responsibilities? For each, briefly describe the steps you have taken (or are planning to take) to deal with each of the problems. Challenges Action Strategies

9. Describe your relationship with line management, or if you are in line management, describe your relationship with HR. In general, how would you characterize the relationship (supportive, adversarial, cooperative)? Explain your answer. Give an example of where your interaction with either line management or HR was not favorable. Describe these circumstances in detail. How was the problem resolved? Give an example of a favorable interaction. Describe these circumstances in detail. 5


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