For the paralegal, the structure of the law office

Question : For the paralegal, the structure of the law office : 2162281

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

21) Litigation support managers:

A) Determine strategy used at trial

B) Coordinate and facilitate the legal team's use of technology

C) Assist at trial

D) All of the above

22) For the paralegal, the structure of the law office:

A) Determines who supervises the work of the paralegal

B) Determines for whom the paralegal works

C) Determines who the law firm's decision and policy makers are

D) All of the above

23) Paralegals should check potential conflicts of interest:

A) If they believe one exists

B) Only if the opposing counsel says that it is necessary

C) Always, no matter what the situation

D) Only if the supervising attorney says to do so

24) Organizing and managing case files includes:

A) Calculating and recording deadlines

B) When asked being able to find a document or contact information quickly

C) Both A and B

D) Neither A nor B

25) Paralegals must keep track of their time because:

A) It representing a record of activities performed for the court

B) It represents a record of activities performed for a client

C) It represents a record of activities performed for the opposing party

D) All of the above.

26) Which statement is true?

A) Paralegals record all time, accounting for all the hours of their day.

B) Paralegals only record time which is billable to clients.

C) Paralegals record time for administrative tasks they perform.

D) None of the above

27) Paralegals who assist with conducting discovery are responsible for:

A) Finding facts in the documents that support the client's case

B) Reviewing and organizing documents

C) Locating, preserving and producing documents and things relevant to the litigation

D) All of the above

28) Creating an impression means:

A) The paralegal should ignore indications that they are not able to interact effectively with a client

B) Examining how the interactions a paralegal has with clients and members of the legal team are perceived by that client or member of the legal team

C) How a paralegal dresses and speaks has no impact on creating an impression.

D) All of the above

29) Analytical skills are:

A) The ability to work well with all types of people

B) The ability to follow a step-by-step process to solve a problem

C) The ability to meet and handle a situation and find solutions to problems

D) All of the above

30) Communication skills include:

A) Listening

B) Writing clearly, concisely and grammatically correct

C) Interpreting nonverbal communication

D) All of the above

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

31) The legal assistant may prepare a simple deed for a client with no contact between the client and the attorney or the legal assistant and the attorney.

32) Legal assistants may be disciplined by the American Bar Association under its Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

33) If a client discharges your employer, you need no longer be concerned about the confidential relationship which was in effect.

34) A legal assistant may prepare an opinion letter and sign it if, after reviewing the letter, the lawyer says it is correct and fine to mail out.

35) A legal assistant, when contacted by a client who wishes to make a codicil to a will, may write the lawyer a memorandum of the conversation and draft a codicil for the lawyer's approval.

36) There is no ethical violation in telling your family that a friend was in the office to see your employer so long as you do not divulge what the friend's business and information given was about.

37) It is permissible for a legal assistant to quote the minimum fees to a prospective client with the explanation that it may run more depending on the work involved.

38) Paralegals don't necessarily have to state to people in a law office that they are not attorneys.

39) A conflict of interest may exist where the paralegal knows personally the opposing party in the litigation client.

40) Regulation of the practice of law is accomplished by the federal government.

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