Find the area of the geometric figure

Question : Find the area of the geometric figure : 2163458

Find the area of the geometric figure.

51) Trapezoid

A) 40.5 sq m

B) 81 sq m

C) 77 sq m

D) 38.5 sq m

52) Trapezoid

A) 71.4 sq in.

B) 151.2 sq in.

C) 116.28 sq in.

D) 75.6 sq in.

53) Trapezoid

A) 302.5 sq ft

B) 242 sq ft

C) 60.5 sq ft

D) 151.25 sq ft

54) Parallelogram

A) 23.25 sq m

B) 23.25 m

C) 46.5 sq m

D) 11.625 sq m

55) Parallelogram

A) 51(1/3) sq dm

B) 11(2/3) sq dm

C) 25(2/3) sq dm

D) 12(5/6) sq dm

56) Parallelogram

A) 360 sq mi

B) 108 sq mi

C) 39 sq mi

D) 36 sq mi


A) 55 sq cm

B) 41 sq cm

C) 51 sq cm

D) 51(1/2)sq cm


A) 38.25 sq m

B) 59.5 sq m

C) 44.5 sq m

D) not enough information given


A) 269 sq cm

B) 261 sq cm

C) 265 sq cm

D) 61 sq cm


A) 40 sq m

B) 56 sq m

C) 44 sq m

D) 96 sq m


A) 60 sq mi

B) 39 sq mi

C) 18 sq mi

D) 48 sq mi


62) A drapery panel measures 3 feet by 10 feet. Find how many square feet of material are needed for six panels.

A) 150 sq ft

B) 36 sq ft

C) 180 sq ft

D) 30 sq ft


A homeowner wants to know how much grass seed to buy. First the size of the yard must be determined. Use the drawing to determine how many square feet are in the yard.

A) 4430.5 sq ft

B) 5443 sq ft

C) 10,093 sq ft

D) 5662.5 sq ft


The drawing shows the end of a building that is to be bricked. If the area of the side of a brick used is (1/6) square foot, find the number of bricks needed to completely cover the side of the building.

A) 2184 bricks

B) 51 bricks

C) 1848 bricks

D) 308 bricks

65) The face-off areas in ice hockey have a diameter of 29.4 ft. Find the area of a face-off circle. Use 3.1.4 for π. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

A) 2714.1 sq ft

B) 92.3 sq ft

C) 678.5 sq ft

D) 339.3 sq ft

66) A rubber ice-hockey puck has a 3.3 inch diameter. What is the area of its circular surface? Use 3.14 for π. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

A) 34.2 sq in.

B) 4.3 sq in.

C) 10.4 sq in.

D) 8.5 sq in.

67) The discus is thrown from a circular region 8 feet 4 inches in diameter. What is the area of the circle (in square inches)? Use 3.14 for π. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary.

A) 31,400.0 sq in.

B) 3925.0 sq in.

C) 7850.0 sq in.

D) 314.0 sq in.

68) A pizza restaurant advertises two specials. The first special is a 16-inch pizza for $15. The second special is two 8-inch pizzas for $14. Determine the better buy. (Hint: First compare the areas of the two specials and then find a price per square inch for both specials.)

A) two 8-in. pizzas

B) The two specials are equivalent buys.

C) 16-in. pizza

69) Find the area of a rectangle that measures 2 inches by 7 feet. Give the area in square inches and in square feet.

A) 1(1/6) sq in.; 168 sq ft

B) 168 sq in.; (7/8) sq ft

C) 216 sq in.; 1(1/2) sq ft

D) 168 sq in.; 1(1/6) sq ft

70) A hotel is building a fitness center measuring 237 ft × 59 ft. The flooring to cover the space is made of a special 3-layered cushioned tile and costs $19.00 per square foot. How much will it cost for the new flooring?

A) $315

B) $11,248

C) $265,677

D) $13,983

71) Find the area of the skating rink. Round to the nearest tenth.

A) 968 sq yd

B) 1308 sq yd

C) 994 sq yd

D) 654 sq yd

72) Find the area of the window. Round to the nearest tenth.

A) 38.1 sq ft

B) 52.3 sq ft

C) 26.4 sq ft

D) 31.1 sq ft

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