FILL In THE BLANK 81.____________ the synchronization of a firm’s process

Question : FILL In THE BLANK 81.____________ the synchronization of a firm’s process


81.____________ is the synchronization of a firm’s process with those of its suppliers and customers to match flow of materials, services and information with demand.

82.____________ seeks to develop a firm’s supply chain to meet the competitive priorities of the firm’s operations strategy.

83.____________ are inventories needed for the production of goods and services; they are considered the inputs to the transformation process.

84.____________ consists of items such as components or assemblies needed for a final product in manufacturing.

85.A ____________ is an incentive to order larger quantities, where the price per unit is decreased when the order is sufficiently large.

86.____________ is the opportunity cost of investing in an asset relative to the expected return on assets of similar risk.


87.Inventory ____________ cost is the variable cost of keeping items on hand, including interest, storage and handling, taxes, insurance, and shrinkage.


88.____________ occurs when inventory is stolen by employees and customers or when the inventory cannot be sold at full value owing to model changes or low demand.

89.A(n) ____________ is an order that cannot be satisfied, resulting in the loss of a sale.

90.A(n) ____________ occurs when a customer order cannot be filled as promised or demanded but is filled later.

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