Feminist scholars see rape and battering as inevitable consequences of

Question : Feminist scholars see rape and battering as inevitable consequences of : 2141840

Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

11) Feminist scholars see rape and battering as inevitable consequences of:

A) Patriarchy

B) Television influence

C) Female hierarchy

D) The military industrial complex

12) Anthropological evidence supports the view that ________ helps to explain violence against women.

A) Chemical imbalances

B) Tribal equality

C) Gender inequality

D) Rational choice

13) The backlash hypothesis suggests that violence against women is:

A) Lower when women increase their economic equality and political power

B) Higher when men feel threatened by women's growing equality compared to what men already have

C) Higher when women feel greater empowerment to assault their intimates

D) Lower for poorer women, and a normal part of cultural evolution

14) One myth about rape is that a woman who ________ wants to have sex.

A) Dresses attractively

B) Accepts a ride home

C) Lives alone

D) Attends college

15) The other myth is that women "ask" or "deserve" to be raped by the way behave and thus precipitate their own victimization. Which of the following is an example?

A) A woman who enters a bar alone

B) A woman who participates in sports

C) A woman who joins the military

D) A woman who stays single into her 30s

16) Evidence suggests rape myths are part of the larger culture and, as such, are ________ from the culture.

A) Mandated

B) Extricated

C) Learned

D) Biologically transferred

17) One myth blames battered women for being hit and says that:

A) They seek the attention, even if it is negative

B) They must have done something to anger their male partners

C) The assaults do not really have a negative impact

D) The battery should be considered normal and acceptable

18) Another myth is that:

A) Many women see the abuse as a help in defining their relationship

B) Because many women do not leave their batterers or call the police, the battering cannot be that bad

C) Since only poor women are abused, there is nothing police can do

D) Men are abused as often as women, and more so in wealthy households

19) Some experts on women's violence talk about a sense of ________ that some women develop from repeated battering. This self-defense mechanism helps a battered woman cope by giving up any hope of improvement and by becoming passive.

A) Accepted strengths

B) Passive backlash

C) Learned helplessness

D) Gender inequality

20) Which of the following is a definition of stalking?

A) The use of a weapon against a public official

B) The persistent following, observing, and/or harassment of an individual

C) Any physical and sexual attacks committed by intimates: spouses or ex-spouses, boyfriends or girlfriends, and ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends

D) Sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal, or oral penetration) without the consent of the victim

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