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Question : Episode 1: Charity that Hurts youtube Discussion

Episode 1: Charity that Hurts on youtube

Discussion Question to Students: When thinking about foreign aid, one important distinction to keep in view is between emergency relief for unexpected natural disasters and long-term assistance. What are some dangers if the two forms of assistance get confused?

Academic Honesty

Students must attest that all material must be of their own authorship, and when quoting another source or referring to another person’s work, a reference should be made in the appropriate manner.

Discussion Forums

Students are required to participate in the all discussion forums. Participation requires, at a minimum, an original response to the discussion question as well as one or more replies to the postings of other students. Discussion forums represent the facilitation of concept discussion during a regular classroom session. It provides the opportunity for students to interact with each other regarding a concept. The typical process of a threaded discussion is as follows:

The instructor will provide a PovertyCure episode discussion question.  

Students will respond to the instructor’s post by submitting a response (at least 100 words) that answers the question or describes the concept of their choosing.   As you create your response, be sure to reference information from the PovertyCure episode viewed for this discussion forum. The initial post of each student should conclude with a critical thinking question that will spur further discussion by other students.

Student responses to other students should begin by naming the individual to whose post you are responding, along with one sentence that summarizes his/her point. This way, a person reading your post will understand to whom you are responding. Students must respond to at least one (1) other student. Responds should be at least 50 words in length.

Other students will read the initial post and the follow-up posts and then respond to the question embedded in the student's response with critical thinking and another leading question. As students respond to each other, the thread of discussion builds throughout the week.

Students should submit their initial post within 48 hours of watching the PovertyCure episode in class. Responses to the initial posts by other students should happen within one work (168 hours) of the initial post deadline.

The faculty member will step in from time to time to support, clarify, or further facilitate the discussion.

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