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Question : e: ch 9 and x Q Government Flashcards lauzi x : 9663

e: ch 9 and x Q Government Flashcards lauzi x Q 5 Flasho x hapter Civics vocab hartford.edu/webapps/assessment/takellaunch.jsp?course assessment id 25783-1&course; ide 66560 18content jda-1493207-1 kboard, M Inbox trevorbaseb... FORD Question Completion Status: QUESTION 8 An executive order is a. a decree issued by the president that requires the federal courts to hear a particular case regarding the Constitution. O b, a demand to Congress that it vote on a particular piece of legislation. ca a rule or regulation issued unilaterally by the president that has the status of a law. O d. any act of the executive branch that does not have to be made public. e, an emergency decree that is law only for the duration of a crisis or pending congressional approval. QUESTION 9 powers are specifically established by the language of the Constitution. a. Delegated b Implied ac. Suspected d Expressed e. Inherent

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