During wound healing, a wound is resistant to infection

Question : During wound healing, a wound is resistant to infection : 2135505

15. During wound healing, a wound is resistant to infection during which of the following phases?

a. Initial phase

b. Granulation phase

c. Maturation phase

d. Reoccurrence phase

16. The nurse is caring for a client with diabetes who has been admitted for a laparotomy and possible release of adhesions. When planning interventions to promote wound healing, which of the following actions is priority?

a. Maintaining the client’s blood glucose within a normal range

b. Ensuring that the client has an adequate dietary protein intake

c. Giving antipyretics to keep the temperature less than 38.9°C (102°F)

d. Redressing the surgical incision with a dry, sterile dressing twice daily

17. The nurse is caring for an adult client with stage 3 pressure injuries on both heels that has been in hospital for 6 days. Which of the following timeframes for wound assessment is accurate when a client is in the acute care setting?

a. Every 4 hours

b. Every 6 hours

c. Every 12 hours

d. Every 24 hours

18. A client’s temperature has been 38.8°C (101.8°C) for several days. The client’s normal caloric intake to meet nutritional needs is 2 000 calories/day. Knowing that the metabolic rate increases 13% for every 1°C (33.8°C) increase in temperature above 37.8°C (100°F) in body temperature, which of the following is the total calories the client should receive each day?

a. 2 200

b. 2 260

c. 2 600

d. 2 620

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