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Question : During the year 2012, had sales of $1000, costs

During the year 2012, had sales of $1000, costs of goods sold of $400, depreciation of $100, and interest paid of $150. If the tax rate is 34% and all taxes are paid currently, what is net income? Refer to Problem 1. Assume has 100 shares of common stock outstanding at the end of 2012. Total dividends paid were $120. Compute earnings per share {EPS} and dividends per share. Based on the balance sheets for, what was net working capital for 2011? For 2012? What must changes in net working capital have been? What was's free cash flow to the firm in 2012? What was's total cash flow to long-term creditors in 2012? What was's cash flow to shareholders in 2012? The K&M; Corporation had taxable income of $200,000. What is the total tax bill for K&M;? What is K&M;'s average tax rate? What is the marginal tax rate? Suppose that K&M; had taxable income of $1,000,000. What are the total taxes paid, the average tax rate and the marginal tax rate?

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